Life in the 21st century can be so busy. And nowhere is the pace of life faster than in Hong Kong! Our hunger for technological innovation to help us be smarter, more productive, safer, more efficient and happier is as insatiable as our need for creativity and design innovation. At the same time, new and traditional industries are on a collision course with technological and design innovation and accelerating personalization and fused into what we wear, how we move and where we live and engage with our community.

Our first ever dedicated event on personal and design innovation will be held on Saturday, December 5th at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre in Wanchai. We will spend a thought provoking day with global thought leaders, experts and professionals on connected technology, wearables, ideation and design innovation. If you like the idea of living smarter, this event can’t be missed!

Date: Saturday 5 December 2015

Time: 11:00 am – 4:00 pm (Registration starts at 10:00am)

Venue: ​Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center, Hall 1, Seminar Room A

Official event hashtags are #TEDxHK, #TEDxHKSalon and #TEDx

Session 1: Innovation You Can Feel (11:15am – 12:30pm)

Hercules Chan ​| Founder | Void

Hercules Chan (H.C.) is the founder of Void, a single­channel platform of hypnotherapy treatment which comes with an assistive smart wrist belt to help user maintain the hypnotic effect and monitor the hypnotic state. Void is created with the aim to provide an aid for people attaining their happiness by innovative hypnotherapy treatment.

H.C. is currently studying in Hong Kong University of Science and Technology as a Year three student majoring in Risk Management and Business Intelligence. He questioned himself what his meaning of success is and got the answer of helping others attaining their own true happiness at the end. He is now a certified hypnotherapist and hopes using hypnotherapy and implements it on app to spread this knowledge to more people and let them find their true self and the path to succeed.


Laurel Chor ​| Hong Kong Multimedia Producer | Coconuts TV

Laurel Chor is the Hong Kong Multimedia Producer for Coconuts TV, where she tells stories through writing, photography, and film. Most recently, she covered the Umbrella Movement, the April 2015 Nepal earthquake, and deforestation in Sumatra. She was nominated for the SOPA Excellence in News Photography award in 2014. A National Geographic Young Explorer, Laurel is also a conservationist and the founder of the Hong Kong Explorers Initiative, which encourages people to explore the city’s nature and to appreciate its wildlife.

In 2013, she helped to produce a documentary about the illegal ivory trade in which she posed as a buyer in the D.R. Congo. For the film, she also interviewed Jane Goodall, who then appointed Laurel as an ambassador for the Jane Goodall Institute Hong Kong.

Previously she has worked on a gorilla conservation project in the Central African Republic and on a cetacean stranding response team in Hong Kong. She is the founding Exploration Chair of the Explorers Club Hong Kong chapter, a board member of the Hong Kong Shark Foundation, and a player on the Hong Kong national fifteens rugby training squad. Laurel graduated magna cum laude from Georgetown University with a degree in international health and development.


Paul Lee​| Co­inventor, Co­founder & Executive Director | Aumeo

Paul Lee co­founded Aumeo with the goal of creating solutions that are surprisingly simple to use. Paul believes that while technology has infiltrated every aspect of our lives, there is still an enormous room for improvement in making them as easy and transparent as possible.

An electrical engineer by training, Paul took his technical expertise and management consulting experience to help found several successful Silicon Valley startups since the 1990’s, and has first­hand experience in producing solutions that dramatically simplify problems and challenge the status quo. Paul strongly believes that his hometown Hong Kong has many of the qualities and advantages to become a hotbed for world­class innovations and entrepreneurship. In 2007 he returned home and co­founded Ximplar to do his part in contributing to Hong Kong’s strength in technology and innovation.

Aumeo is the latest result of Paul’s vision in solving problems with unprecedented simplicity. It has been successfully crowdfunded on Indiegogo in July 2015 to the tune of over US$250,000—641% of its original goal of US$40,000. Aumeo’s audio tailoring technology has also won international acclaim and is a winner of the 2014 Talent Unleashed Awards.


Edwin Keh ​| The Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel | CEO

Edwin is the CEO of the Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel. He is also on Faculty at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania and The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology where he teaches supply chain operations.

Until April 2010 Edwin was the SVP COO of Wal­Mart Global Procurement. Prior to Wal­Mart Edwin managed a consulting group that has done work for companies on supply chain, manufacturing, and product design. The practice also did work for non­profit organizations and charities. Edwin co­founded the Consortium For Operational Excellence in Greater China (COER GC). The Consortium is sponsored by the Wharton School and Tsinghua University.

Edwin had a career as senior executive with several US consumer goods and retail companies. He was the Managing Director of Payless Shoesource International, Donna Karan International, and Country Road Australia. He also worked for the United Nations High Commission for Refugees.

Edwin serves on multiple industry and educational boards. He advises several other social enterprises.

Edwin is the 2011 recipient of the Production and Operations Management Society’s Martin K. Starr Excellence in Production and Operations Management Practice Award.


Sawaka Katalyna ​| Multilingual Singer­songwriter, Presenter

Sawaka Katalyna was born in Japan and raised in Mexico until the age of 18. She later returned to Japan after graduating from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, studying biology. Able to speak in Japanese, English, and Spanish fluently, Sawaka composes and sings in all three languages. She sang the Mexican National Anthem at a Women’s World Cup Qualifiers Match in the National Yoyogi Stadium in Japan. In addition to musical performances she also MCs, acts, radio DJs, has reported on TV, and narrates. People in Hong Kong might recognize her as she also took part on the Amazing Race Asia Season 2 representing Japan with her brother Daichi. Sawaka’s passion lies in serving as a bridge between multiple cultures through her activities. Her all original songs multi­lingual album is available on CD baby, iTunes, and amazon around the world. She also sang the commercial song for Tokyu X ANA card.


12:30pm – 2:00pm

Salon Engagement & Break

Salon Session 2 – “Designing Innovation” (2:00pm – 3:20pm)

Alex See ​| General Manager | Tru­Style Manufacturing Co. Ltd

Alex See grew up pondering a multitude of career paths, ranging from selling fish balls and social work to practicing arts and becoming the Hong Kong equivalent of David Attenborough. He was urged to study accounting but he rebelled against it and went to the US to study biology instead.

After graduation, he came back to Hong Kong to join his sister’s manufacturing company and he has worked there ever since. He has been happy with the learning curve, but his search for his true calling hasn’t ended.

Noticing that the copycat culture in China was not only stifling innovation but also dampening employee morale, See and his sister began to organize workshops for the staff to encourage independent thinking and creativity. The positive feedback has made him realize that there is more to be done.


Fiona Ching ​| Co­founder and General Manager | MakerBay

Having worked in both non­governmental and private sector in the past 10 years, Fiona Ching is now bringing her experience from both worlds to help set up MakerBay. Before she moved back to Hong Kong earlier this year, she was a sustainability consultant based in London working with corporates to improve their social and environmental sustainability performance. Prior to that, she worked for the Red Cross in various international disaster reconstruction and risk reduction projects, including 2004 Tsunami and 2008 Sichuan earthquake reconstruction.

Fiona has a MSc in Environmental Technology from Imperial College Londonand a Bachelor Degree in Politics and Public Administration from the University of Hong Kong.


Patrik Tykesson ​| CEO | Kumpan Electric

Steadily working on changing the face of daily mobility, Patrik Tykesson combines smart environmental protection with stylish design. He is introducing a new “man’s best friend” and true companion – his prominent 50ties­like electronic scooter “Kumpan electric”. It proves: electronic mobility is anything but boring.

Founded in 2010, e­bility GmbH, manufacturer of electronic vehicles came a long way. From being launched in a garage by Patrik and his brothers Daniel and Philipp, the company managed to gain international acknowledgement quickly and is now corresponding with a worldwide network of partners, dealers and distributers. They are honored with several awards for their unbeatable sense for business and innovation as well as their passion for adding value to our environment and society. By now, their scooters are sold with great success in the European and the North American market.


Caleb Ng & Joshua Ng ​| Co­founders | Twins Kitchen

Twins Kitchen is a consultancy focusing in F&B industry, providing professional advice, support and guidance for forthcoming and existing restaurants.

From composing a restaurant from scratch, to upgrade an ongoing business, founders Caleb and Joshua Ng work with you and share their invaluable expertise and experience to ensure your business a great success.

Being a chef, sommelier, barista, food critic and entrepreneur, the Twins understand every aspect of the business. From finding the right location and creating the right atmosphere to menu + wine list design, staff recruitment, training and marketing, their mission is always about building a restaurant in a tasteful way.


Martha Collard ​| Founder | Red Doors Studio

Martha Collard is the founder of Red Doors Studio. Her passion and life purpose is to help others make conscious choices. This she did for 20 + years as an independent management consultant working in the field of human performance for multinationals. She’s an executive coach, career counselor, facilitator, trainer and Boy Scout leader with a passion for personal development.

Her most recent position was Vice President of Group Organizational Wellness at Lane Crawford Joyce Group. Here she conceptualized and implemented a world­class holistic wellness program for 4 companies and 5,400 staff. The program was founded on ‘Conscious Choices’ in the five areas of wellness defined by Gallup: Physical, Emotional, Social, Career and Financial. At the time of her departure the program attracted 3000 participants per month.

Martha established Red Doors Studio as a platform to her share her combined passions with a larger audience. She discovered the healing power of gongs four years ago and since then she has traveled to study and play with the world’s foremost gong master Don Conreaux. For the last 8 years she has built and facilitated labyrinths for non­profits, schools, guidance counselors, cancer patients, leadership workshops, art installations, as well as permanent labyrinths at Star Ferry and St John’s Cathedral. This summer she led a HK Scout unit to the World Scout Jamboree in Japan to introduce labyrinths to 34,000 scouts from 160 countries.

She was the founding Chairman of the Yoga Society of Hong Kong, founded Namaskar magazine and is currently the Asia Representative of The Labyrinth Society.

Originally from Canada Martha spent time growing up in the USA and Hong Kong. She graduated with a degree in Biology from Acadia University and completed the Graduate Diploma in Management from McGill University


3:20pm – 4:00pm

Salon Engagement & Break

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