TEDxHongKong2016 Plasmatic is Finally Here!!!

Inspired by TED2016 DREAM to go one dimension further, TEDxHongKong2016 will be about PLASMATIC IDEAS: Supercharing the Ordinary into Extraordinary.

Just as supercharged ordinary air is transformed into superconducting plasma, we benefit from amazing ideas, innovation, and advancement when passionate, focused and determined individuals supercharge simple, fundamental and perhaps “ordinary” concepts and things to create extraordinary impact and scale.

You are cordially invited to join us at the Hong Kong Convention Centre on Saturday December 3rd to hear exceptional world class thinkers, doers, educators and innovators from Hong Kong and abroad will who will share insights, ideas and new realities with extraordinary results and benefits that were the result of supercharging the ordinary.

For the first time, we are happy to offer SuperEarlyBird tickets for TEDxHongKong for only HK$250 (regular price $450)! Be sure to get your TEDxHongKong tickets ASAP as SuperEarlyBird expires Sunday November 13 or sooner if SuperEarlyBird tickets sell out!

Announced Speakers Include: