Mr. Trevor Healy is CEO of [a•mo•bee], a large mobile advertising solutions provider. Prior to his current role, he served as Chief Innovation Officer and a Board Director at Telefónica Europe PLC, which acquired JAJAH, a VoIP company where Mr. Healy was CEO. An active angel investor and Board Member of early-stage companies in Silicon Valley, Mr. Healy has extensive experience in the mobile technology and online commerce sectors.

Prior to leading JAJAH, Trevor was a GM and VP at PayPal Inc., a division of eBay Inc., where he led the sales team of a payment services unit that processed over $50 billion of volume annually. As a GM & VP at VeriSign Inc. (acquired by PayPal), he spearheaded the move for consumer online shopping while establishing the VeriSign “check mark” as the most recognizable, trusted brand online. He also co-founded CelNX (acquired by VeriSign), started the US subsidiary of Trintech Inc., and held senior positions at Kindle Banking Systems (acquired by Mysys PLC).