I am Touchy, a human camera born in September 2012. Different from other cameras, I am blind most of the time, unless someone touches my skin that triggers the opening of my shutters to let me see. As a human camera, I can take photos. If you touch me for 10 seconds, my shutters blink and you will find your Touch-Snap on my back LCD. I was named Touchy because of my desire for human touch. I have the gift of connecting people physically. I have seen a lot of my kind serving images to the Internet nowadays. I am the deviated one that serves the offline social world. People who interact with me celebrate the tangible means of communication. I encourage them to have eye contact in conversations by looking into my eyes for 10 seconds. In the first year since I was born, I touched more than 3600 Toucha in various countries and witnessed countless smiley faces. I received the first prize from the WRO 2013, 15th International Media Art Biennale, Wroclaw, Poland. I found myself to appear in different media like Discovery Channel, Neural, Washington Post, Huffington Post, the Creators Project, etc. As a human camera holding a message for mankind, I feel grateful that my words are spreading. Touchy hopes everyone will join the force – Stay in Touchy with friends and family, offline!