Skyboy takes life as a game, see planet earth as a stage, a stage of performance! The better we play, the higher score we get and the higher level we will enter. Will be more fun, more challenge and the most important is more, more rewards.

He traveled 40 countries across 5 continents, work, live, play, dance, ego hunting, performance and more… Thus he develops multiple personalities to fit in different circumstances.

By collecting vast experience and knowledge from different cultures, religions, countries. He feels there was an urge to share how the world can be, i.e.  To standardize and unify the world power plug, be more efficiency, just this part will generate enough money to safe all hungry kids. So he chose to express it through art, through media. When he back to HK on 2012, he use Television, youtube as his tool to make fun. Swiftly, within a month, Hong Kong become his playground. Discussion forums talk about him, news and media coverage. He has once become the hot topic of Hong Kong, a lot of people mimic his performance including stars, TV episodes and dramas…

He stays low profile for few years, in order to practice different roles play and give birth to different personality for the “game world” may open up for him anytime again! For the new levels, new challenges, new games! The “stage” requires him to have certain skills to enter the game gate – i.e. TedTalk.

He went to carpenter and joiner schools to acquire skills. He works in many different companies, different constructions sites and locations to understand the hard, tough and rough working styles, to be a “qualify” construction worker, to act like them.

He learnt to drive middle-goods vehicle and became Truck driver, and he just passed the motorcycle compulsory test and now he is in the process of getting bus license and enrolling cargo truck and taxi driver license.

He attended boat license classes, aiming to drive a junk boat next year, he loves sea activities, he was super excited to get on wakeboard first time this summer and went to junk boat party whenever he has a chance. He just came back from Philippine of his sailing tour.

He is practicing Tai Chi & sword for 2 years to ground himself and focusing personality. He is equipping himself to go for coaching class next year.

He applies for swimming coach class challenge, although he failed but only motivate him more,  he is planning to get the life-saving licence, to train up himself, physically and mentally.

He joins Indians volleyball team in Tung Chung, plays and practices every Sunday to enhance team plays spirit.

In the meantime, he has tried many different jobs, e.g. waiter, dishes wash, mover, painter, volunteer in farm & expo., clean ocean movement, it was documented in TVB “cleaning ocean”

He studying religions, not just go to churches all over the world, but also go to 10 days silence meditation program – vipassana retreat in NZ. He also worked as a volunteer for Hare Krishna farm, attended Scientology program in the United States, practiced mystic Muslim Sufism in Turkey, 66 days swirling retreat, to understand the world – the root belief of mankind. After all, he found a higher truth for him, a mentor to follow – Wallace D. Wattles, he is listening to his audio book every day for more than thousand times “The science of being great” & “The science of getting rich” To transform himself to be the person he wants to be and determined to do the right things.

He attended many different activities, from yoga events to activist movement, lots of meetup, couch surfing, woofing… to mingle and understand people from all aspects, to see the world from other perspectives, to study the psychological truth for all mankind and be able to play good part in helping the world to find truth.

He dances all over the world, from commercial England hip-hop music to gothic South Africa music and he found his passion on -psychedelic trance music, he went to many festivals of his kind and discover and express himself more via music & dance, including Aurora festival in Samothraki, EXIT festival in Serbia, October fest in Brazil, Sun eclipse festival in Australia… countless music events in Slovenia, United States, New Zealand…

To add-on his experience he has a vast knowledge of IT infrastructure including Cisco routers, Sun Solaris & IBM AIX UNIX system, Microsoft OS, Check Point firewall and he get himself all Certifiedin 10 years hands-on and management experience across the globe.

We are living in the creative era and what come next can be more FUN and add value to our life? Perhaps Pokemon live version and Street Fighter 6.