Ms. Sara Mush is the founder of Sara’s Henna, which provides professional unique henna services for a wide variety of clients in Hong Kong. Having practiced the traditional and cultural art of henna since she was seven years old, she founded her business in 2009 to not only turn her passion into a career, but also to create awareness of the exotic traditional art form of Henna in Asia. In 2010, she held Asia’s first ever henna exhibition, followed by winning a global ‘Henna Heals’ Crown competition and in Sept 2013 she won an International “The Big Henna Contest”, allowing her to further pursue her dreams and passion in Los Angeles at the Annual Henna Conference.

Formerly serving as an events coordinator with ETL Learning and a graduate of Loughborough University, Ms. Mush learned her trade by watching her mother apply henna for traditional Pakistani brides. Since founding Sara’s Henna four years ago, she has grown her team to include professional freelance henna artists, as well as photographers. Ms. Mush has broken the boundaries of traditional henna by using not only the human body as a canvas, but also by using henna as a tool for change, for healing, empowering, science & alternative ways of adornment.