Sammer Sommers, CEO and Founder of Altitude Mask, Having grown up in London, a city known for its vibrancy
and forward thinking. The belief in starting his own business was embedded at an early age from the surroundings best known to him. Having been a semi professional athlete, Sammer’s knowledge of health and fitness was not just an everyday pastime but a living and working environment in which success meant striving beyond and pushing the limits.
From here Altitude was born. Altitude embodies the thoughts and ideas of places beyond that elevate ones imagination to the summits and within this tries to capture the essence of the product itself. The Altitude Mask, is a state of the art resistance-breathing device that helps reduce the workout time by stimulating the effects of high intensity training. Sammer not only loves using the mask but seeing the enjoyment and benefits that people get out of it.
An avid Football & Basketball fan, Sammer’s time is taken up on the courts when time is spent outside his new venture as well as making time for his family who play an important role in making sure his dreams are kept alive at reaching high “Altitudes”.