Linda Kennedy uses smart humour to challenge the way life is. In words. On TV. And at the local tearooms.

At TEDxHong Kong, she will talk about ‘Sit Down Comedy: the World Tour’. One damsel’s bid to bring sit down comedy to the world. And change the way life is. Funnily enough, a true story.

The TEDxHong Kong audience will hear the ‘Lady News Headlines’. Then do the Cupcake Comedy Quiz (be warned, the first round is ‘Were You Paying Attention or Glazing Over Like a Man?’).

Linda Kennedy is also a funny female columnist. Topics range from ‘Bridging Loans Diary: selling her flat in the downturn’ to ‘Is wifi swapping the new wife swapping: a no-strings relationship with next door?’

Her exes? She was a TV news correspondent, usually seen blue with cold beside a mountain, earnestly enunciating the facts of a tragedy. And an in-studio TV commentator sitting on sofas alongside Inevitable Pinstripe men with louder voices. Oh, and a TV presenter on arts and culture.

She has created talk shows in China. And hosted salon sessions. She has difficulty at parties finding her noun before a networkee’s attention wanders. She usually resorts to ‘damsel doing stuff’.