Mr. Larry Campbell is the Chief Knowledge Officer for HSBC Group. Starting his career as a journalist in his home country of Sri Lanka, Mr. Campbell then moved to Hong Kong and served as Online Publisher at the South China Morning Post as well as a specialist consultant in multimedia publishing and usability for a number of multinational organisations.

Mr. Campbell became a serial entrepreneur in the mid 1990’s, founding a range of technology publications and internet companies in Asia. In 2001, he joined HSBC’s Global Markets business to run its e-commerce business development and marketing operations. Three years later, Mr. Campbell relocated to London to to set up and run the Online Publishing Management division of what was then HSBC’s Corporate, Investment Banking and Markets group. Combining his enterprise know-how and decades of experience as a journalist-turned-publisher, he established and served as CEO of Global Publishing Services in 2006, the in-house publishing and media service utility for HSBC Group.