Keiko Bang has spent more than 20 years creating and producing high-end award-winning factual productions from Asia for the international marketplace.    She is responsible for producing more than 100 hours of blue-chip programming, which have aired in more than 150 countries around the world. More than 40 percent  of  these  acclaimed  films  were  co-productions with over 25 countries, many of them working with an Asian producer or broadcaster for the first time. In  2006, Bang was the first  Asian  production  company  to  rank  amongst Realscreen’s Top 100 Most Influential Documentary Companies in the World.

Keiko is also well known as both a visionary and passionate futurist. Over the past 20 years she has worked to build an eco-system within Asia, bringing together players in Asia from major corporations and government agencies to media companies and individual producers to innovate projects that for branded, cross-platform documentary and entertainment-related content. Her vision has been to create a ‘single Asian content market’ based on inter-Asia transactions and projects.

Today Keiko is passionate about the world of digital storytelling and new media. From mobile phone applications to the world of serious gaming and mixed media (AR/VR), she believes that the current paradigm shift in content requires an intersection between technology and art that not only enables a new brand of storytelling but also new business models for monetization. She believes harnessing this power will be the key to the future success of content in Asia.