Joseph has 25 years’ experience in high-tech and Internet industry, has been responsible for cloud computing, e-Commerce, mobile Internet businesses for major multi-national companies in Asia and China. And now, as BMW’s Vice President of Digital Services & Business Models, he is responsible for the digital transformation for BMW in the Greater China region.

Back in 1998, as a pioneer in cloud computing in Asia, Joseph was responsible for building up Intel’s datacenter business in the APAC region. He signed a deal with China Telecom that allowed Intel, as the first multi-national company, to bring data hosting services to China. Later, he became the General Manager for the China Telecom – Intel datacenter business that provided hosting services for the then Internet start-ups like Baidu, Sina, Sohu and NetEase.

After Intel, Joseph became the CEO of Yahoo & Sina’s e-Commerce joint-venture, again as a pioneer in the e-Commerce market in China. The joint-venture competed head-to- head with eBay and Taobao while together developed the first group of online buyers and sellers in China. The JV later merged with Taobao as part of Alibaba/Yahoo merger.

After e-Commerce, Joseph helped Nokia to launch the world’s first NFC mobile payment service in 2006, 10 years before the NFC based Apple Pay. As the General Manager for Nokia’s mobile Internet services in Greater China, he was a pioneer in China’s mobile Internet market which is now the biggest and most dynamic globally.

Never tire of trying new things, Joseph is now working on bringing Internet into auto industry, one of the most traditional and complicated industries. Cars are becoming moving connected computers with powerful sensors/cameras that can capture unbelievable amount of data. After PC and mobile phone, car will become a major data delivering and capturing terminal.