JLMusic is an all-around, energetic and innovative local music brand. Apart from having a professional street performance team with extensive experiences for both public and private performances, we also proud ourselves on original music production by our production team as well as our frequent musical interactions with a variety of organizations. As an enthusiastic music brand, we strive for providing positivity and professionalism through local music.

Come enjoy our busking performance at public space of Time Square every Friday night!

Our third anniversary memorial collection, Trio-Momento was officially published in August 2015.


Siu-Yuen-tedxhkSiu Yuen Eric is a singer-songwriter for the next generation. Graduated from the University of Hong Kong, he was also the leader of the university’s 100th anniversary music project “Brighten Music”. Before joining JLMusic, a local music brand, his performing experience also includes participating in total seven concerts of the famous singer Sam Hui for two consecutive years. As a vocal-guitarist and musician of JLMusic, Siu Yuen has participated in over three-hundred performances of diverse natures. His music works includes the theme song ‘He says’ of a web-novel ‘Cruel hidden-love’, cheering song ‘Land of happiness’ for our city and also ‘Let’s run!’ as the theme song of the popular variety show ‘Running Man in Hong Kong’. First solo album “To Me” is now available.

JL-tedxhkGraduating in 2012 from the University of Hong Kong majoring in Media and Cultural Studies, JL was the first leader of the the university’s 100th anniversary music project “Brighten Music”. Founding the local music brand JLMusic in the same year, he strives for promoting local music culture with his production team as the Chief Executive and manager of the brand. The brand has participated in over three hundred music performances up to now as well as publishing its third anniversary memorial collection Trio-Momento in August 2015.

JL was also an event-planner and a professional emcee who has organized and hosted over 50 banquets, exhibitions and public-relation activities for three years before he founded JLMusic. Starting from 2012 he has been active in promoting local music and street music, as seen in his performances at Time Square every Friday night, as well as hosting the radio programme Buskingdom for Metro Radio starting from 2015.