Jeorge and Samantha, two young local Hong Kong girls, started the Little Philanthropist out of a big desire to help others in need. Their vision is for every child to have the opportunity to learn first-hand what it means to be a genuine “philanthropist” by experiecing how they can make a difference in the world through the generosity of their positive and impacful actions. Through service and creativity they are educating, inspiring and engaging other children to be socially responsible and community minded.

Little Philanthropist is a project based organisation that centers its mission around our young ambassadors and how they would like to combine helping their local community and driven learning. The children are involved from the ideation progress, thinking together about who, what and how they want to contribute to the charities of their choice, to organising and learning on the way in what it means do large and small scale projects.

Little Philanthropist is about making friends, life skills and improving the community we all enjoy and care about.