Jeff is a Canadian born English teacher who has fallen in love with charity work.

Two years ago he started writing a blog which slowly turned into a humanitarian movement.

Jeff started a group called impactHK which relies on the power of numbers to do great things for the less fortunate in Hong Kong. ImpactHK has raised tens of thousands of dollars for those living in caged homes, raised money to pay for a young girl’s cleft lip operation and donated to the homeless once a month for 20 straight months. Starting with only a few friends, impactHK now regularly moblizes 30-40 volunteers for each project and event.

ImpactHK is not only a beautiful thing for the relief that its provides to the less fortunate. It also brings an awareness to the general public and provides them with an opportunity to make real change.

Jeff also started a society called Love 21 Foundation, which is dedicated to bettering the lives of those living with Down syndrome and autism in Hong Kong, a community he has passionately worked with for over eight years.