After working on a project to design and build a nursery school in South Africa as an Undergraduate James gained first hand exposure to poverty and was shocked by the basic lack of school equipment which children had access to.

Upon graduating from university James jumped on a plane to China, with no idea of what to expect. He spent the next year working in architecture in Guangdong Province Southern China and loved it!

After travelling extensively through Asia, James was again dismayed by the lack of access children had to basic educational equipment.

Inspired to make a difference he took a simple idea.. Elephant Branded… by doing something small and as simple as buying a bag from a store you have inadvertently donated a School Bag to a vulnerable child in Africa or Asia, giving them an opportunity that they previously never had.

Elephant Branded products are handmade ethically by local village cooperatives out of recycled materials. Benefiting the local community and giving people the skills to earn a good wage and get themselves out of poverty. Enterprise out of poverty with these two simple principles Elephant Branded was born!

James was named one of Google’s Young Mind winners for business in 2012 and Elephant Branded has gone on to become one of the Top 20 UK start ups of 2012 as well as being recently voted the 18th most ethical business in Britain in 2013.

Elephant Branded is currently working with new communities across the world to help spread our message and help more people.