Fiona Lee was born in Hong Kong. She obtained her Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Critical Intermedia Laboratory, from the School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong. Her artworks are based on installation and performance. Her recent art practices and inspirations came from the feelings of and concentration on the moment
in the daily routine, which she explores like a place of adventure.

Listening is an important connection between herself and the world, during which she feels the movement of every single moment. She loves to listen to the sound from nature, and yet, she is also addicted to noise in the city. This is why she would like to expose her thoughts between different dimensions of sound in her artwork. She believes creations of art are the progress she makes in exploring and accepting the possibilities of herself.

Her recent work focuses on the relationship of sound frequencies and electromagnetic fields. Her sound installations and performances have been featured internationally in Japan, Taiwan, Korea,Manila, Macau, and Hong Kong.