The Maasai is a group of semi nomadic tribe from southern Kenya, where they are famous for their fearsome reputation as warriors and herders – this is where our speaker Emmanuel Milia Mankura is from; he is the Tribal Elder of the Maasai.

Emmanuel uses his own life stories and powerful metaphors to talk passionately about many of the challenges he has faced in his tribal community in East Africa, which have direct relevance to some of the business and personal challenges we face today, such as developing leadership, empowering others to take responsibility and creating a culture which is motivated, value based and embraces change.

Emmanuel was born in a small village in a remote part of Rift Valley in Kenya, he was raised in the traditions and values of the Maasai Tribe. As a young boy he was responsible for looking after sheep and goats, when he became a warrior he carried a spear, went on cattle raids and was responsible for protecting his community’s territory and live stock.