With the rapid growth of technological development in the economy, businesses will become more digitally connected than before. In this process, the digital world will continue to converge with the physical world. Businesses have become more dependent on the internet as they innovate and grow through the use of social, mobile, analytics and the cloud.

Success of a company will become more reliant on maintaining trust; the safeguarding of data and information while keeping an optimal balance between user experience, privacy and security. Business leaders need to increase digital confidence. Confident with risks and vulnerabilities which are inherent to digital exposure.

Imagine driving a Formula­One car ­ wouldn’t you feel more confident to drive faster when you have your seatbelt on and knowing your airbags are in place? Businesses should implement a digital resilience approach to cybersecurity. Digital resilience is the strategic capability to take more digital risks to thrive the business forward and not slowing it down. Businesses should have confidence based on their ability and capacity to effectively and efficiently deal with cyber risks and threats. Digital resilience is looking at security from a risk­based perspective. It is about setting goals that are measurable and developing actionable plans; understanding company­specific risks and to prioritize controls and investments to achieve business outcomes.

Mr. Clyve Lo-A-Njoe is the Director of BLUE ARCA Cyber Security Advisory. His company specializes in guiding, training, protecting and recovering against digital threats and mitigating digital risks. Their goal is to make innovative and technology­driven businesses more digitally secure.

Mr. Lo-A-Njoe has more than 12 years experience in cyber security and digital risk management. He has two master degrees, IT auditing and Business Informatics from the VU University in Amsterdam. After his studies he worked around the globe for Deloitte, PwC, Heineken and IMC Financial Markets and Asset Management. Mr. Lo-A-Njoe holds both a CISA and CISSP certification.