Caratoes is an artist originally from Belgium, currently located in Hong Kong. But shares her work all over the globe.

This year alone she did 30 walls across 24 places from tropical places like Hawaii, Mexico till colder ones like Iceland and Montreal.

Did work with clients as Facebook, Four Seasons hotel, Nike, DC shoes, UBS, Kangol, Coach, Absolut Vodka, Jansport, Vitamin water, GAP…

She studied Biochemistry followed by Game Design.

Worked in Amsterdam for 2,5 years as a 3D animator later as a creative in Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam add agency.

In her street art, she would envision her character living and interacting with the environment they are painted in. She tries to understand the culture and country that she finds herself and combine it with pieces of her own life story.

In her more contemporary pieces she would share a story of one of her obsessions and passions. Showing the beautiful and ugly parts of it with the viewer.

She aims to create environments that breathes a certain atmosphere or feeling, that can spark a story to the viewer.

She has shows all over the globe.

Solo show in Above second, group shows in Cat street gallery, Rojo Bermello in Mexico city, sold out show in renowed Ian Ross Gallery in San Francisco…

Atm she’s working on a show for Saatchi Gallery London.