10 years ago Andrea Oschetti had the belief and desire to follow his heart and lead the life he knew he wanted to live and left a successful corporate career as Senior Manager at the management consultancy PricewaterhouseCoopers. He went on to found the Cuore Private Kitchen, consistently reviewed as one of the ultimate dining experiences in Hong Kong. With a firm passion for travel and culture, Andrea pursued a second postgraduate degree in Anthropology at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and went on to become a highly esteemed travel journalist and photographer. A serial entrepreneur, this year he launched Blueflower, an innovative and inspirational travel company based in Hong Kong. Through its unique approach, Blueflower offers more than bespoke journeys to the most exciting destinations on earth.

Andrea travels professionally, working for major travel media companies such as CNN and The South China Morning Post, scouting for experiences that are life enhancing and spiritually enriching. As a travel journalist and award-winning photographer – awarded the coveted First Prize in the prestigious Nikon International Photographic Contest in 2005 – Andrea has ventured on expeditions to extreme cultural and physical environments across the world.

As a Chef, Andrea’s Private Kitchen in Hong Kong has hosted more than 1,000 exclusive events in the past eight years. In addition to private dining, each year Andrea creates and offers, for a limited time, a revolutionary dining experience which celebrates dining as life, involvement and journey of discovery: Yum Yum Movies, The Healthy Gourmand, Dining Art at The Yallay Gallery, Food and Musical emotions, Picture Yourself.

Andrea is a passionate storyteller, engaging audiences through live talks and written articles.

Andrea is now taking his passion for travel to the next level by founding the Blueflower travel company, which redefines travel by offering meticulously planned, unique and groundbreaking travel experiences that connect clients to the passions they truly love.