With the Holiday Season right around the corner and Hong Kong’s streets now fully converted to one big urban Pokemon Go playground, what better time to think about all things fun?

There are few aspects in our lives where technology, innovation, creativity and the global diversity of thought and passion are more reflected than in our individual and communal relationship with fun and playful learning. Whether it is multi-device, multi-dimensional consumption of rich media, cutting edge social networks, VR, AR, toy robotics, high tech workouts or even silent raves, we are seeing, tasting, touching, hearing and smelling fun in funtasticly new and revolutionary ways.

Join us on Saturday, October 15th at the Hong Kong Convention Centre for an entertaining and insightful day with hundreds of fellow TEDxers, creators, innovators, entrepreneurs, technologists and learners. World class thinkers, doers and tinkerers will be giving live TEDx talks and participating in Talking TED campfire chats with the community to facilitate the sharing of ideas, experiences and visions of where we are and where they think we will be. See you at Funtastic!