Please join us for a fascinating afternoon on Friday July 15th at the KPMG Conference Center in Hysan Place, Causeway Bay!
We are also delighted to announce our first TEDx speakers who will join us for “I KNOW.” We trust you are as excited to see their talks as we are so be sure to get your Early Bird Tickets before they run out!

Dave Kleidermacher

SVP, Chief Security Officer at BlackBerry

Joseph Zheng

Head of Digital Transformation at BMW Greater China

George D Thomas

Partner, Global Director, Strategy & Market Development at IBM Global Government Industry

Noah Silverman

Founder & CEO at Data Science

Do You Know? All we seem to be hearing and reading about these days is the impending world revolution driven by smarter, “more human” and pervasive artificial intelligence, big data and robotics. Terms like singularity, abundance, convergence, hyper-automation, roboadviser, IoT, machine learning, Watson and AlphaGo are now an integral part of our conscious lexicon. We are seeing an accelerating tsunami of computing, storage and tech driven analytical power connecting billions of devices, smart phones and other “clients” with astoundingly dynamic oceans of knowledge and limitless possibilities.

We “know” this and if you are like many of us, we aren’t sure how to feel about it let alone do something about it (if anything)!

TEDxHongKong is pleased to announce TEDxHongKongSalon “I Know,” a very special salon on Friday July 15th at KPMG’s Office in Hysan Place Causeway Bay for an afternoon of thoughtful conversation, sharing and learning. We will be joined by a select group of world class technologists, innovators, thinkers and industry leaders who will be with us in Hong Kong to give TEDx talks and participate with the TEDx community in Hong Kong in an immersive, open and authentic TEDxSalon environment.