Palestine will provide good spring, summer and autumn production but growth during the winter period is low. Strawberry clover is a deep rooted perennial clover capable of surviving periods of drought as well as periods of flooding. Clover in Lawn. It is a perennial weed that has stems up to 30cm long and has the ability to spread by rooting at each node. Palestine strawberry clover is prostrate in growth habit and slow to establish with poor winter growth but generally is more persistent than other perennial clovers under grazing. Strawberry clover will withstand heavy continuous grazing once the plants have developed strong runners and the sward is properly established. . We can also help the lawn to get rid of the clover … It will survive an extremely wide range of temperatures. Killing clover in your lawn can be easy; however, killing their seeds is not. It is generally considered the best clover for toxic soils with high tolerance to salinity, alkalinity and waterlogging. Adapted to wet saline and alkaline soils, Strawberry Clover will also tolerate flooding and is the most saline (salt) tolerant clover available. McLeod (1982) listed it is a warm-season plant that will tolerate temperature extremes. Mpumalanga. Strawberry clover: Strawberry clover lawns are popular, and Scotts clover lawn seed mix is based on strawberry clover (Trifolium fragiferum). It is known as a weed in some areas. It is adapted to a wide range of soil types. I planted Palestine Strawberry clover in my yard (Phoenix, AZ) this past fall. More information. My clover seems extraordinarily resilient so far (with the exception of falling prey to our local quail population). This variety of strawberry clover is Palestine clover from Australia. Deep rooted perennial clover. Most growth in spring, summer and autumn. East Free state. Clover is an important part of having a green, low maintenance lawn that doesn't need a lot of water. Good hard seed levels. Spreads by above ground stolons, similar to strawberries. 14 Arum Lily Street, Durbanville Industrial Park. Social. In saline and waterlogged conditions it is useful in mixtures with white clover. Strawberry Clover Palestine (Trifolium Fragiferum) - Strawberry clover is a perennial clover similar to white dutch clover in growth habit. Plants should be allowed to flower and set seed in the first season to ensure a bank of seed to thicken the stand in subsequent years. Strawberry clover will tolerate very heavy and saline soils and perform best in neutral to alkaline soils. In your yard, low nitrogen levels might be caused by: Poor soil: Do a soil test to determine levels of nitrogen and other nutrients. Palestine. The merits of the strain, derived from the Salisbury Expt. It copes very well with salty … Strawberry Clover: A long lived, prostrate, perennial clover that tolerates poorly drained, moderately alkaline and saline soil. KZN: Cooler regions: Spring (Sept-Oct) Warmer regions: Autumn (March-Apr) Adapted do a wide range of soil types, including water logging and alkaline soils. The lawn will begin to spring back to health, while the Clover will being to suffer, eventually the healthy lawn will begin to weed out the Clover on its own. Strawberry clover also works to loosen heavy soils, which aids in getting the nutrients to find their way to other plants’ roots. Mine stayed green last year even though I only watered three times. Barenbrug South Africa (Pty) Ltd. Tel: +27 (0)21 979 1303. [email protected]. Western Cape. pH 6-8.5 See all Palestine Strawberry Clover will grow in waterlogged, poorly drained, saline and alkaline soils pH 4.8-8.0. These are conditions in which white, red and subterranean clovers either grow poorly or do not persist. Lawn grasses do need nitrogen from the soil, so clover is a red flag letting you know your lawn grass is starving. It is useful in seepage areas in lower rainfall areas. When grown in a pasture, sow 2 pounds of clover seed per acre. The most common variety of clover infesting our lawns is white clover or Trifolium repens. Fleur de Lawn is an alternative to high maintenance lawns. Strawberry Clover: Palestine: Pure: 2-5kg/ha. Streambank wheatgrass and … Strawberry Clover (Trifolium fragiferum) Description: A perennial similar in growth habit to white clover but not as productive overall. Strawberry clover is most productive on heavy neutral to alkaline soils of reasonable fertility. " McKays Strawberry Palestine Clover Seed. Follow us Become a fan. If you're trying to get a lawn that will do well with minimal input, you might want to consider using native grasses and/or naturalized grasses. Palestine strawberry clover is a highly adaptable hard seeded perennial clover that performs well in hostile conditions. Palestine will provide good spring, summer and autumn production but growth during the winter period is low. Mar 6, 2018 - Explore tat toy's board "clover lawn" on Pinterest. Water well after planting, and keep the soil moist until the clover seeds … Why Fleur de Lawn? Palestine clover is a very hardy variety of clover which can tolerate waterlogged, poorly drained, saline, or alkaline soils and a wide variety of temperatures. The best strawberry clover for drought conditions is Palestine. Once Palestine Strawberry Clover is established, it will persist under heavy grazing pressure, more successful than white clover. It originally grew wild on the slopes of the Mediterranean, as well as parts of central Europe and Asia. It's growth habit is similar to white clover. ... Used in lawns, as a ground cover, cover crop, for erosion control, and in pasture mixtures. Spring is the ‘make or break’ time for beautiful lawns, and your lawn is sure to need some urgent attention. It is not durable enough for playing fields or high traffic areas, unless mixed with grass. It has also been used as groundcover in orchards and vineyards and for green manure cover crop applications. " * Palestine Strawberry Clover was developed in Australia and is very tolerant of adverse conditions. About 4 percent is Salina strawberry clover (Trifolium fragiferum "Salina"), hardy in USDA zones 4 through 9b. The higher rate will ensure more clover than turfgrass. Since it tolerates flooding and coastal exposure, this hardy plant is valued for its versatility as a ground cover or grazing plant. Strawberry clover is an introduced perennial low-growing plant with creeping stems that root at the node to spread and it also produces seed. The flowers bloom between May and November with fuzzy, egg- to round-shaped heads and a strawberry-ice-cream-colored flower. Strawberry clover is a creeping clover which spreads via stolons and seed. Before getting into a project, researching your options is key. The genus name "Trifolium" refers to the distinctive three leaflets of the foliage. Several agricultural cultivars have been developed, including 'Salina', 'Palestine… North West. A perennial legume, Strawberry Clover can be used as a lawn grass alternative, as ground cover in orchards and vineyards. Strawberry clover is cultivated as a cover crop and for hay and silage, as green manure, and as a bee plant. Clover is a common lawn-weed and as far as weeds go on the ease-of-eradication-scale; clover is fairly simple to control in most cases. Popular clover seed for lawns… In fact, a micro clover-only lawn has been tried and tested by many individuals with much success. Strawberry Clovers properties lend it to being an excellent “living mulch” for vegetable gardens, vineyards, and orchards. The seed has been innoculated with nitrogen fixing bacteria. Clover's deep roots help your lawn stay greener, longer during short-term drought conditions and requires less frequent watering than some traditional grasses. * It can be slow to establish but it will hold up to grazing, high … Mixtures: 1-2kg/ha: 500mm + per year: Eastern cape. Considering clover is considered a difficult-to-remove lawn pest by many, I don't expect you'll have too much trouble getting them established. Palestine Strawberry Clover has a prostrate growth habit with good ground covering ability in wet soils. Application Rate: 0.25"-0.5" deep at 0.5-1 lb/1000 sq ft or 12-15 lb/acre Inoculant: None needed, is nitrocoated Germination: 5-10 Days Plant Height: 14" Uses: Excellent in orchards, vineyards and other perennials, as well as in pasture and hay mixtures. If we need another application of fertiliser 6-8 weeks later, do so. While micro clover was designed for mixed grass/clover purposes, that doesn’t mean you can’t sow a pure micro clover lawn. Good performance under hostile conditions (salinity, alkalinity & waterlogging). Generally, it's used for pasture grazing along with hay. Strawberry clover is noted for its ability to establish and persist on wet saline and alkaline soils and is adapted to wet meadows, streams and seeps. It is good for cover on flood-prone lands or areas with soil salinity. Strawberry Clover (Trifolium fragiferum) Characteristics. It is also tolerant of the majority of … Clover lawns do have some disadvantages: It stains clothing more easily than grass. See more ideas about Clover lawn, Lawn, Lawn alternatives. Sta., S. Rhodesia, are discussed.-M.H. Trifolium fragiferum Perennial legume cover crop.. Low-growing, deep-rooted, heat and alkali tolerant. It is adapted to a wide range of soil types. Strawberry clover is a tough nut, able to handle soils and conditions that would have other ground covers wilting. Now that the cold days of winter are behind us there’s no excuse for putting off all those outdoor jobs. Micro Clover Lawn Pros and Cons. ; It is a short-lived perennial and may require reseeding every 2-3 years to maintain an even stand in pure clover lawns. Disadvantages of Clover. Walk the lawn, spreading the clover seed in a crisscross pattern. Strawberry clover is a large-leaved, deep-rooted, perennial clover that demonstrates a prostrate growth habit. Palestine Strawberry Clover (Trifolium fragiferum) is a large-leaved, deep-rooted, Perennial Clover that demonstrates a prostrate growth habit. Strawberry clover tolerates mean annual temperatures of 6.6-21.8 C, with a mean of 20 cases of 11.9 (Duke, 1981). Don looked at a buffalo lawn infested with a few small patches of clover. Address.