With a large cockpit and ample storage space (with a carrying capacity up to 300 lb) you’re able to bring plenty of extra gear on your water-borne trip. Driftsun Voyager 2 Person Tandem Inflatable Kayak, Includes 2 Aluminum Paddles,... ADVANCED ELEMENTS AE1007-R AdvancedFrame Convertible Inflatable Kayak, 15', Red, Intex Excursion Pro Kayak, Professional Series Inflatable Fishing Kayak. It can be a serene, blissful experience and can also be a heart-pumping and muscle-flexing adventure. The Sea Eagle is the best tandem inflatable kayak on the market. Simply unfold, inflate and you’re good to go! Lastly, for those on a real budget we have another kayak from Intex, the Explorer K2 (read our review). It’s not designed for whitewater though and is best suited to calm lakes and lazy rivers. Best Rated 2 Person Inflatable Kayak Reviews. On a 2-person inflatable kayak, the even load is a decisive feature for how good performance of the boat. Conclusion – The Best Two-Person Kayak… We work hard to put out the best backpacker resources on the web, for free! You may want to prioritize the type of material and will be worst investing a bit more if it will be used frequently and undergo lots of wear. On the more expensive end of the spectrum are Hypalon and Nitrilon. Best Inflatable … Check out the full list of backpacks HERE! … Great for experiencing … To make things even easier, the Nirvana inflatable packraft includes an inflation bag system that inflates the vessel in under 3 minutes; no pump needed. If you plan on just paddling with one other person then a typically two person kayak should be fine, but you could always opt for a three person one so that you can also bring along extra gear, another friend, your child or even a dog. Like most STAR kayaks, the PVC material they are constructed from is tough and can survive bumps with sharp boulders, sticks, etc. That being said, a loaded kayak with two fully grown men can add up those pounds. First, in order to be approved as safe for open water, the kayak model must be NMMA certified. You will get rock-solid stability, whether in waves, whitewater or out on a calm lake. This stylish kayak is made for two, but there is plenty of room for gear and other personal items. Best Two-Person Kayak: Intex Explorer K2 Kayak at Amazon "Includes two inflatable seats, two oars, a high output hand pump, and a repair kit." The best inflatable tandem kayak has a big enough weight capacity for the needs of the people who are going to be using it. Considering the very affordable price, it’s not bad and it also comes as a complete package of paddles and pump. Aside from that, there are many 3 person inflatable kayak reviews online which might confuse you. Hardshell tandem kayaks can get pretty big. Best 2 person inflatable kayaks Intex Explorer K2 – 2 pers The Intex Explorer K2 is one of the best inflatable kayaks available in the low price range. Sea Eagle 380x Inflatable Kayak with Pro Package, #3. The one downside is it doesn’t come with paddles or any extra items so you’ll need to get them separately. Our number two choice for tandem inflatable kayaks is the 12 and 1/2 foot AIRE Lynx II (our full review). See More Reviews. It also has a big weight capacity being able to hold 475lbs so plenty for you, a friend and some gear for a extended trip. They’re considerably cheaper than an equivalent hardshell so you can really save some money opting for one. 3.Intex Explorer K2 … Chris is also a founding member of, Airbnb's Most Unique Properties Worldwide. While not as strong and durable as the other models on this list, it’s still made of high-quality vinyl with an impressive puncture resistance that will last a good while. The first thing to mention is the strong fishing rod holders as well as the removable mounting brackets that you can use to store extra accessories like a fishing gear or GPS systems. So being aware of the size and weight of your vessel is important. This inflatable fishing kayak has a width with an extra 39 inches and hard-bottom floor that give it extra overall and standing stability for a smoother, more secure feel. Extra storage space and added accessories also matter; having cup holders and space for a small cooler becomes more than an optional luxury if you plan on enjoying a drink and having some lunch onboard! For paddling on flat water, you’ll want a longer kayak with skegs for better tracking. You really need to know what you want to use it for, the types of conditions you expect to use it in, how much you’re willing to spend and how much you intend to use it. So if you’re looking for a handy guide to the best inflatable kayaks on the market right now – you’ve arrived at the right place! Where and how you plan to use your boat will dictate the type of kayak that’s best for you. The popular Driftsun Voyager 2 (read our review) is also another contender when it comes to inflatable tandem kayaks on the market. Firstly, it’s one of the safest kayaks we’ve come across. Close, BEST 2 PERSON INFLATABLE KAYAK FOR BEGINNERS, BEST INFLATABLE PACKRAFT FOR MULTI-DAY EXPEDITIONS, Chris Lininger is a writer, photographer, and guide from California. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. INFLATES QUICKLY: The Driftsun Voyager Kayak inflates to a full size kayak (10ft. So depending on the conditions you plan to take your kayak into, and your budget, you’ll want to take these different materials into consideration when choosing the best kayak for you. And with the additional size you’ll inevitably gain a lot more weight. Best Three-Person Kayak: Sevylor Big Basin 3-Person Kayak at Amazon "Has three adjustable seats that you can move as you please." Quick Answer: The Best Inflatable Kayaks of 2020, Best 2 Person Inflatable Kayak for Beginners, Best Inflatable Packraft for Multi-day Expeditions, How to Choose the Best Inflatable Kayak for You, Final Thoughts on the Best Inflatable Kayak, Aquaglide Blackfoot Angler 125 HB Inflatable Kayak, Advanced Elements PackLite Inflatable Kayak, Kokopelli Nirvana Packraft with Spray Deck, STAR Raven II Tandem Inflatable Kayak (2p), Kokopelli Packraft Nirvana Packraft with Spray Deck. I love the freedom that the Kokopelli Rogue-Lite packraft gives you. Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame is the first yak in our best 2-person inflatable kayak review. The thing about an inflatable kayak for sea journeys, is that you really shouldn’t be using an inflatbale kayak. Next we thought we’d include the Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Convertible inflatable tandem kayak. The removable suspended-mesh, aluminum-framed seats provide the ideal position for casting, fish sighting and paddling. If you’re new to kayaking and are looking for a compact and reliable recreational kayak that makes for awesome flatwater exploration, we recommend this Voyage 2 tandem inflatable kayak by Advanced Elements. If kayaking is on your list of top activities, it makes sense to invest in an inflatable kayak that you can pack up and use wherever and whenever you want. It’s nice to have the option! It’s a fact: smaller boats are far easier to maneuver both on dry land and in the water.. The 5 Best Inflatable Kayaks For Whitewater In 2020, The 10 Best Inflatable Kayaks: Reviews and Buyer’s Guide, The 8 Best Inexpensive Kayaks in 2020: Reviews and Buying Guide, A Complete Guide To Night Kayaking: What You Need To Know, 10 Of The Best Places To Kayak In California, 10 Of The Best Places To Kayak In Colorado. The Aquaglide Deschutes 130 is the perfect all-purpose kayak for weekend warriors looking for fun-filled, recreational days out on the water. Make sure you check the weight limit of the kayak you’re choosing and consider how much you and your heaviest passenger might be before getting one. If you’re still undecided about which one to buy, we’d highly recommend the Sea Eagle 380x Explorer. To summarize, it’s the best option for a fishing inflatable kayak for two people and at a very reasonable price considering it comes with paddles and pump. Weighing in at only 5 lbs. They are lighter and allow for more compact packaging and are also UV resistant, unlike PVC. It’s the best blow up kayak choice for any adventurous solo angler! Or if you’re over 6 feet tall, a small kayak won’t make for a very comfortable ride! 100 pumps of the high capacity … The price of a kayak usually has a lot to do with the materials that are used for its construction. Thanks for your support. Although the word tandem means two, when it comes to tandem kayaks it generally refers to any one that can carry two or more passengers. Best 2 Person Inflatable Kayak – Champion of Kayaking...!! #6 Advanced Elements Tandem Inflatable Kayak Advanced Elements Straightedge 2 Kayak … It’s built with high quality, durable PVC to ensure that it lasts for years to come and can take the knocks and scrapes that paddling demand. Be sure to pay attention to the length and width – and also the packing measurements if you plan on traveling or trekking long distances with your kayak in tow. With the Sea Eagle you can go from the trunk of your car to being on the water in 8 minutes. The same size kayak will feel quite different to a 125-pound adult versus a 200-pound adult. Want to know how you can show your support – find out here! As far as having sufficient attachment points for your favorite fishing accessories – like rod holders and anchor locks – the Rival’s 5 Scotty Mount Bases will have you covered. It is by far our best selling inflatable kayak. It also comes with two seats, paddles, travel bag, a deluxe double action hand pump, and a rear tracking fin (skeg). Save the world, one backpack at a time. Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Convertible Inflatable Tandem Kayak, #5. Many full-time RVers love having the best inflatable kayaks … Above you’ve seen my top picks for different types of kayaks – there are a lot of choices! CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON. Best … No matter what your experience level and budget are, I’m sure will point you to your perfect vessel. Whether you’re paddling solo, with a friend or partner – or even want to bring a child or dog onboard – this trusty vessel will meet all your needs! For those looking for a inflatable tandem fishing kayak then look no further than the Intex Excursion Pro kayak (here’s our review). It is a great option for those looking for a lightweight and portable 2-person kayak for exploring rivers and lakes. When it comes to exploring the sights of a beautiful destination on water, it doesn’t get much better than kayaking. The Intex Excursion Pro is an inflatable kayak for 2 people. The cheapest is tough vinyl but the most common is PVC-coated fabric. Bring along some snacks and cold drinks that you can tuck away in the convenient seat pockets and bottle holders and enjoy the ride! The Intex Challenger K2 Inflatable Kayak allows you to explore your favorite lake, pond, or ... 2.AIRHEAD AHTK-2 Montana Performance – Best Two-Person Fishing Kayak. If you’re more of a beginner paddler, you’ll probably feel more comfortable with a kayak that provides more stability. It’s actually built to hold three people so you can take along one or two of your friends (although it only comes with two seats and three fully grown adults might be a little bit of a squeeze). It’s made of PVC-coated polyester with aluminum rims for maximum durability with a length of 10 feet 5 inches, 34-inch width and 11.5-inch depth. Measuring at 12-feet, a raised keel and the angular bottom makes this kayak able to cut through the water with ease. Intex Challenger K2 Kayak, 2-Person Inflatable Kayak Set with Aluminum Oars and High Output Air Pump BESTSELLER NO. To learn more about criteria for finding the best inflatable kayak, read on for our shopping guide. If your kayak is just meant to be used while you travel, choosing a lightweight model that’s easily transported will be a top consideration. Intex Excursion Pro Inflatable Kayak For 2-People, #6. Not only do you have someone to chat to, but you’ll also have someone to help paddle and share the view with when out on a river or beautiful lake. A model on the high side of the price range is the Aquaglide Chelan HB Tandem … Driftsun Voyager 2 Person Tandem This Voyager by Driftsun is renowned as one of the best inflatable fishing kayaks because of its easy setup and construction. For more advanced paddlers who want more speed and agility, a lighter model makes sense. There are a variety of key factors you want to consider while going through the shopping process, so let’s take a closer look…, Obviously, a kayak isn’t a “one size fits all” piece of equipment – no less so than a bike or a surfboard. It’s designed with the modern angler in mind and has a number of features specifically for fishing. Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Convertible Kayak, #5. Pump and repair kit included. Comfortable for Anyone: Kayak Includes an Adjustable Inflatable Seat With Backrest; Cockpit Designed for Comfort and Space, Dimensions: Inflated Size 10 Feet 3 X 3 Feet X 1 Feet 8 Inch; Maximum Weight Capacity: 400 Pounds, Directional Stability: Removable SKEG for Directional Stability.