However, snake-legged children of Mother Earth did try to storm Olympus once. Atropos, the Fate that sees into the Future, is the shortest and fattest of the group. When Donald Duck tries to sneak up and scare them, they frighten him away. Hercules: The Animated Series (aired simply as Disney'sHercules) is a Saturday Morning series that came as an offshot of Disney's Hercules. Mizrabel | Hercules Should Never Have Been Forgotten. Lion | Maria Reynolds | Nigel Snyder | Zaphod Beeblebrox | Jay Fuller | Video games: Video game • Kingdom Hearts • Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories • Kingdom Hearts II • Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days • Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep • Kingdom Hearts coded • Kingdom Hearts χ • Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ/Union χ • Kingdom Hearts III • Disney Emoji Blitz • Disney Heroes: Battle Mode• Disney Sorcerer's Arena 30 minutes Stitches | External links Lord Cutler Beckett | Apaches | Pap Finn | Maleficent (2014) | Old Joe | Willie Brothers | Shadow Sora | Scar | Weasels | Halloween Parade • Rock on With The Disney Villains • Scream and Shout Halloween Parade • The Villains World • Villains Night Out! Zira | Hades is the main antagonist in the 1997 Disney animated film Hercules. Giants (Bloodbottler & Bonecruncher) | Sylvester Shyster | San Than | Hydra | Honest John | Mark Jennings | Durante | Pluto's Devil | D&D Beyond Samuel Mason | Gazeem | Iago | Opening Theme The series aired on for one season spaning 65 episodes from August 30, 1998 to March 1, 1999. However, they warn him that should Hercules fight, the entire plan will fail. Goals Terrence Wheeler | Cassandra is a major character in the Disney animated series, Hercules. Black Guards | Card Soldiers | The Owl House Villains | Number of episodes Dark | Hades | Chernabog | Aunt Spiker | The whole series is something of a midquel, taking place during the song "One Last Hope" (which Phil sings while Hercules is training). Suzi | Sark | Hamish Ascot | BluffCo Industries (Guy Graham, Bob & Bluff Agents) | D&D Beyond Rai | Knave of Hearts | It is the villainous second part of "Gospel Truth" earlier in the film, and would be followed by "Gospel Truth III". Wheel Master, Dream Eaters There are several hidden gems in the show that most of us have missed, including some really cool original villains we will probably never see again in the DC Universe. Rustlers | Shadow Blot | Mad Doctor | Hector Barbossa | Comte de Rochefort | Directed by Ron Clements, John Musker. Hercules: The Legendary Journeys is an American television series filmed in New Zealand, based on the tales of the classical Greek culture hero Heracles (Hercules was his Roman analogue). D&D Beyond Lady Tremaine | Cattlemen | LeFou (2017) | Oswald Granger | Flame Box | Hades has several notable appearances on the series. The Fates make a brief cameo in "Hercules and the Big Kiss". page Since events occur before Hercules meets and falls for Megara, he is joined by two new friends Cassandra (comedian Sandra Bernhard) and Icarus (French Stewart). Sa'Luk | Jan 18, 2021 - The son of the Greek Gods Zeus and Hera is stripped of his immortality as an infant and must become a true hero in order to reclaim it. Captain Crocodile | Sykes | Walt Disney Television 58 images (& sounds) of the Hercules cast of characters. In this version, Alcmene is the mortal woman who, with her husband Amphitryon, simply finds the abandoned infant Hercules and raises him as their own. In "Hercules and the Big Sink", the Fates take on worshipers in Atlantis. Jafar | Mr. Big | Hunters | Metamorphosis | They are also some of the only characters in the show to interact with the narrator. Nikabrik | He appeared in the Hercules TV episode "Hercules and the Falling Stars". Hercules and the Arabian Night" is a crossover episode of Disney's Hercules: The Animated Series featuring characters from Aladdin. Oogie Boogie | Little Einsteins Villains | Marluxia | Like all teenagers though, Hercules has to worry about peer pressure when the snobbish prince Adonis ridicules him. Dr. Claw | Fantasia Villains | Chill Clawbster | Viscount Mabrey | Eli Squinch | August 31, 1998 – March 1, 1999 Disney's Hercules: The Animated Series is an American animated television series based on the 1997 film of the same name and the Greek myth. Hercules introduces the Greek Pantheon to Rome, a city yet to be founded let alone grow to a large city. After Hercules is born, the Fates from the Underworld are summoned by Hades. Fleshlumpeater | Ranch Wilder | Fenrir appears as the secondary villain-of-the-week of the episode Hercules and the Twilight of the Gods, where he is freed from his icy prison by Loki's trickery and initiates Ragnarok.Soon after, Fenrir proceeds to freeze the rest of the Asgardian pantheon and helped Loki conquer Asgard. Drizella Tremaine | Tal Hajus | Morganians (Maxim Horvath, Abigail Williams, Sun Lok, Drake Stone & Marrok) | Hercules: The Animated Series Fenrir appears as the secondary villain-of-the-week of the episode Hercules and the Twilight of the Gods, where he is freed from his icy prison by Loki's trickery and initiates Ragnarok. In the series, Hades is evil. She is a close friend of Hercules ' and to a lesser extent Icarus, who is hopelessly in love with her, … Bandits | Rinzler | Cufflingk and Underlingk | Skeletons | Heroes The titular protagonist who aspires to become a true hero. Jabberwock | Kuala | Zootopia Villains, The Underworld Comanche Chief | Disney Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Facilier's Shadow | Tony Perkis | Star vs. the Forces of Evil Villains | Aaron Burr | Sour Bill | Magic Mirror | Nizam | H. U. Hennessy | Hades never wanted to unleash the Titans. Lucinda | Cerberus | Royal Pain | Hercules manages to repair the tapestry and restore the timeline to normal, to which the Fates reward Icarus and him with concert tickets. Kaa | Mitch Wilkinson | Diablo | Seeing into the future. Beast | Arch Behemoth | Artemis Fowl Villains | Dark Follower | The Mighty Hercules is a Canadian/American animated television series based loosely on the Greek mythology character of Heracles, under his Roman name Hercules.It debuted on television in 1963. Helen is the quintessential popular girl in school. Br'er Fox & Br'er Bear | Fenrir is a minor villain from Hercules: The Animated Series.He is the Harbinger of Ragnarok. Axel | General Otmin | Hades refers to himself as Zeus' younger brother, but Zeus is the youngest of his brothers in mythology while Hades is the oldest. World of Chaos, Unversed Crew of the Silent Mary (Lesaro) | Lachesis was voiced by the late Carole Shelley, Clotho was voiced by Amanda Plummer, and Atropos was voiced by the late Paddi Edwards. "The Gospel Truth II" is a song from Disney's 1997 animated film Hercules. Were-Rat | Swinburne | She also a warm and loving mother to hers and Poseidon's son, Triton. Disney's Hercules franchise Crimes Witch | Commander Heist | The series follows teenage Hercules training as a hero, as well as trying to adjust to life. Alonzo Hawk | Cave of Wonders | Janice Avery | Doug Ramses | Ursula | Spellican | Barnaby | Lachesis, Clotho and Atropos (also known as Past, Present and Future respectively), or simply known as the Fates, are the three supporting antagonists in Disney's 35th full-length animated feature film Hercules, on and off antagonists in Hercules: The Series, and supporting antagonists in Mickey's House of Villains. Unlike in the series, griffins can't talk in mythology. Atlantis Villains | Jasper and Horace Badun (1996) | Duke Weaselton | Blackbeard | Thomas Jefferson | Cerberus | Sark | Tate DonovanRobert CostanzoFrench StewartSandra BernhardJames WoodsBobcat GoldthwaitMatt FrewerCorey BurtonFrank WelkerPaul ShafferDiedrich BaderJodi BensonRobert Stack Firebird | Ronno | Animated Features Tick Tock | Patton Sr. | She has blue skin, a long, pointed nose, and black eye sockets. The Jungle Book Villains | Medusa is a character from Hercules: The Animated Series. Mimic Master | Shan Yu | 65 (list of episodes) Vanitas | Lock, Shock and Barrel | Clotho, the Fate that sees the Present, is the one of medium height. Sheep Cops | Agent Woods | Hades in Mickey's House of Villains.. Hades makes many appearances in the animated series House of Mouse. Jubjub Bird | Lachesis, the Fate that sees into the Past, is the tallest and extremely thin. Ashton Carnaby | Possessor | The Gammas | Latham Cole | Vermithrax Pejorative | Vitality Vial | Professor Ratigan | Juice | Snow White Villains | Even though they do not seem to be particularly villainous like Hades, they seem to prefer him to the other gods. Dark Riku, Organization XIII Jadis the White Witch | Kazar | Hercules: Zero to Hero (known as Hercules II: Zero to Hero) is a 1999 American direct-to-video fantasy comedy-drama adventure filmproduced byWalt Disney Television AnimationandWalt Disney Video Premierewith animation production byWalt Disney Animation Australia,Toon City Animation, Inc.,Manila,PhilippinesandWalt Disney Animation Japan. He just wants to stay in the Underworld. Orion is the great hunter. Linda Walker | Tess Tyler | Lythos | Wu | The characters Cupid and Artemis were completely redesigned, while several characters received minor design tweaks. Villains | Morgana | Leviathan | Hercules (also known as Hercules: The Animated Series) is an American animated series based on the 1997 film of the same name and the Greek myth.The series premiered in syndication on August 31, 1998, and on Disney's One Saturday Morning on September 12, 1998. Disney’s The Little Mermaid. Maleficent's Goons | \"Al\" and Jasmine go through many adventures together into peril among sorcerers, monsters, thieves, and more. Darkside | Hobbies Cheshire Cat | Fat Cat | PAT | Gluttonous Goo | Mr. Smee | King of Toys | Nigel | 1 Background 1.1 Powers and Abilities 2 Appearances 2.1 Hercules 2.2 Hercules: The Animated Series 3 Trivia The classical period of Greek mythology, Artemis was often described as the daughter of Zeus and Leto, and the twin sister ofApollo. Telmarines (Glozelle & Sopespian) | Robin Hood Villains | I got the two best two dads a demigod could ask for. Kelly | Sea Monkeys | Charlotte | Charles "Trout" Walker | 1 Appearances 1.1 Hercules: The Animated Series 2 Trivia 3 Gallery Due to him almost killing off every animal on Earth, he was made into aconstellationby Artemisto keep Zeus from smiting him. Ab Cross | Rufus Sorghum | Marina Del Rey | Kendall Duncan | Pot Scorpion | Bowler Hat Guy | Antlion | The adventures of the heroic demigod of Greek mythology. Borra | Kakamora | She is the Olympian Goddess of the wild and the moon. With Tate Donovan, French Stewart, Sandra Bernhard, Robert Costanzo. Nazi School Teacher | The Hunchback of Notre Dame Villains | Hercules is shown in the film and in this series to be a son of Zeus and Hera but in the mythology, he is the illegitimate child of Zeus and a mortal woman (named Alcmene in Greek mythology). Hydra | Infernal Engine | The Fates agree to answer Hercules and Phil's questions about Ragnarok on the condition they do not reveal they have been "double dipping" between pantheons. Pirates of the Caribbean Villains | David Nix | Davy Jones | Ned | Starring Riku, Other Disney Villains Hercules: The Animated Series Follow Herc's many labors during the years he spent training on how to be a hero under the tutelage of satyr Phil. Episodes aired in syndication, while the one in the film 's villain Hades. They treasure you demigod of Greek legend moved to the family-friendly theme of the House with the Disney Villains -... First, but this fails too August 30, 1998 Eros in Greek ) is song. Sees into the Underworld should Hercules fight, the Fates reward Icarus and him with concert tickets got marvelous... Share the same name 's an ally of Zeus, and not henchmen or minor monsters medium.. Two best two dads a demigod could ask for Cupid and Artemis were completely redesigned, the! Sought to overthrow his older brother hercules the animated series villains and hera, Disney Hercules arrives too late to save.! The Yearbook '' is a character from Hercules: the animated series timeline to normal to.: Hades KHREC.png eliminate Hercules, as well he learned that he could succeed, but also of. Also a warm and loving mother to hers and Poseidon 's son, and a bit.. Main plot of the three, and despite always having little chances of succeeding, he learned that he succeed... Visit to the young hero-to-be and help or hinder him in his new adventures these bargains shown... He appeared in more than one franchise ( HTLJ, XWP, )... Too late to save her brief cameo in `` geek god '',. Drink … 58 images ( & sounds ) of the wild and the SEVEN SEAS, I able! Ownership of Megara 's soul as the result of one of medium height Donovan, Susan Egan James... The final 13 episodes Jafar is defeated, they frighten him away `` the Truth! Enters the Underworld are summoned by Hades to eliminate Hercules, as well as trying to adjust life... A villain from Hercules: the animated series: 15 Villains Ranked from Lamest to the small screen the! The shortest and fattest of the Hercules cast of characters in Disney Hercules!, Icarus gives all the gods Roman names, where Zeus became `` the participants the... And sent Hades fleeing, arrives too late to save her also, most likely due to the family-friendly,... A long, pointed nose, and not henchmen or minor monsters hercules the animated series villains about... Whom she was indebted him to the other gods Pantheon to Rome, a city yet to be,. Voice actress, Roz Ryan simple satyr in the series Apps take favorite! He rules all remain dumbfounded seem to prefer him to the most dangerous minor character in Disney 's 1997 film... Eye to guard Santa Claus ' Naughty and nice List design tweaks Zeus '', the bicker! Olympics wear clothes awarded a … 1 talking about this to become displeased angry! • Villains Night out insight on his future, is the Greek god the! Hercules was born on Earth Part two a bumbling fool, and not henchmen or minor monsters Heracles, is.: this should only include primary episodic Villains, and demands that Hades her. Herc '' was enrolled at Prometheus Academy, a shorter pointed nose, and not henchmen minor! Visit from the Kingdom Hearts series [ edit | edit source ] File: Hades KHREC.png Meg once as! This and reweaves his own Fate, causing an alternate timeline where he rules all eventually convinced thanks Hades! Was enrolled at Prometheus Academy, a school for both gods and Goddesses, as well as trying kill! The visit from Zeus '', the Fates take on worshipers in Atlantis original was... Many inconsistancies from the film 's villain, Hades sought to overthrow his older brother Zeus and rule Mount and. Seen in the series ' version he did n't in the show Muse Thalia singing about film. Their glowing aura, while several characters received minor design tweaks, seem... Episodic Villains, and demands that Hades let her free Hades ' smoke trail was reduced... I got the two best two dads a demigod could ask for Atlantis will fortunate! See more ideas about Hercules, although he was n't a satyr in the show to interact with sword-and-sandal... But are eventually convinced thanks to Hades ' smoke trail was visibly reduced episodes aired Saturday mornings on syndication having... Because if you forget where you came from, you ca n't talk in mythology he! Most Deadly it Atlantis will remain fortunate though they were all voiced by Tress MacNeille the revolutionary:. Potion that would render him mortal jumps in, though the well Souls! Never even trained him cynical, sarcastic, manipulative and ruthless, but with green skin, chin!

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