Andrew Grant is a co-founder and director of Tirian International Consultancy, and an author of the breakthrough book ‘Who Killed Creativity?… And How Can We Get it Back?’

Andrew has travelled the world with his partner for over 25 years working with diverse groups ranging from remote tribes through to corporate CEOs to explore creative thinking and innovation.

He has been engaged by market innovation leaders to help create a culture of innovation, including: Nestle – facilitating sustainable solutions for emerging markets at (Switzerland HQ); Four Seasons Hotels – preparing the exec team and all GMs to embrace the future (Canada HQ); Disney – creating compelling marketing ideas (HK); Mercedes Benz – assisting with brand positioning (China); and a number of large finance institution.

Andrew’s pro bono work has included drug education on the Myanmar border, assisting with running an orphanage in war torn El Salvador, and designing a health curriculum with the Health and Education government departments in India that has been targeted to improve the lives of millions of children and their families worldwide.

Andrew has presented keynotes at major international conferences including: World Presidents’ Organisation- Global Edge (Aust), The World Innovation Conference (France) & HR Summit (Singapore).

Along with resource books, Andrew has co-authored over 30 corporate educational resources that are sold under license worldwide.