from Edinburgh by the North British railway via the Forth Bridge, and 28 m. of Leipzig on the main line (via Riesa) to Dresden. of Glasgow by the Caledonian xailway via Stirling and Callander, and about the same distance by water via the Crinan Canal. By means of the Via Campana it had easy communication north-westward with Neapolis, Puteoli and Capua, and thence by the Via Appia with Rome; and southwards with Pompeii and Nuceria, and thence with Lucania and the Bruttii. There is daily steam communication (often interrupted in bad weather) with Civitavecchia from Golfo degli Aranci (the mail route), and weekly steamers run from Cagliari to Naples, Genoa (via the east coast of the island), Palermo and Tunis, and from Porto Torres to Genoa (calling at Bastia in Corsica and Leghorn) and Leghorn direct. with Ariminum and Placentia, and on the road, constructed in the same year, to Arretium; while another road was made, perhaps in 175 B.e., to Aquilelia. VIA FLAMINIA, an ancient high road of Italy, constructed by C. Flaminius during his censorship (220 B.C.). The rates have been as follows in quinquennial periods, via all rail: Chicago to New York in Cents per Bushel. This line was, during 1906-1910, extended via Oshogbo, Illorin and Jebba to Zungeru, whence it is continued to She, 40 m. railway from Baro on the Niger via Bida and Zaria to Kano - a distance of about 400 m. With the increase of transport facilities it is probable that the trade with the Mediterranean coasts will also be diverted to the south, and profitable minor branches of trade would be formed in leather, ostrich feathers, gums, fibres, &c. The imports from Great Britain, which come via Forcados, are mostly cotton goods, provisions and hardware. The four transverse lines belong to the State and Holland railways alternately and are, beginning with the State railway: (1) the line Flushing (1872) - Rozendaal (1860) - Tilburg (1863) - Bokstel (whence there is a branch line belonging to the North Brabant and Germany railway company via Vechel to Goch in Germany, opened in 1873) - Eindhoven - Venlo and across Prussian border (1866); (2) the line Hook of Holland - Rotterdam (1893) - Dordrecht (1872-1877) - Elst (1882-1885) - Nijmwegen (1879) - Cleves, Germany (1865); (3) the line Rotterdam - Utrecht (1866-1869) and Amsterdam - Utrecht - Arnhem (1843-1845) to Emmerich in Germany (1856): this line formerly belonged to the Netherlands-Rhine railway company, but was bought by the state in 1890; and finally (4) the line Amsterdam - Hilversum - Amersfoort - Apeldoorn (1875), whence it is continued (a) via Deventer, Almelo and Hengelo to Salzbergen, Germany (1865); (b) via Zutphen, Hengelo (1865), Enschede (1866) to Gronau, Germany; (c) via Zutphen (1876) and Ruurlo to Winterswyk (1878). From Beneventum to Brundusium by the Via Appia, through Venusia and Tarentum, was 202 m. Not one of the threesome had a desire to enter the mine via this newfound entrance, but each cautiously examined the portal. He also restored the Via Flaminia (Mon. Leaving a strong detachment to hold the camp at Bedriacum, the Othonian forces advanced along the Via Postumia in the direction of Cremona. Ancona is situated on the railway between Bologna and Brindisi, and is also connected by rail with Rome, via Foligno and Orte. Flattery can help you out when you want to build rapport with someone and create a positive image of yourself in their mind. Sentence Examples. Oh, not by displaying the temperature on the handle, but via an app. along. A connexion for extending the system through Persia was signed in 1901, the route to be followed being from Kashan near Teheran to the Baluchistan frontier via Yezd and Kerman. How to use visa in a sentence. The engineering of the ancient Via Appia between Fondi and Formia, where it passes through the mountains near Itri, is remarkable. 1. He'd told her she wasn't able to travel via portal when she was human. See more. of Rome by rail, on the Via Aurelia, by which it is about 22 m. From south to north it is traversed by the channel of the Parma, crossed here by three bridges; and from east to west runs the line of the Via Aemilia, by which ancient Parma was connected on the one hand with Ariminum (Rimini), and on the other with Placentia (Piacenza). In the same year the branch of the Via Aemilia connecting Bononia with Arretium was constructed by him. At Kirin it bifurcates, one branch going to San-sing, the extreme north-eastern town of the province of Kirin, and the other to Possiet Bay on the coast via Ninguta. It is a philosophy of substantial things, standing as a via media between a philosophy of the supernatural and a philosophy of mind. Examples of Via in a sentence. Aemilius Lepidus at the time of the construction of the Via Aemilia (187 B.C.). The Erivan line is being continued into Persia, namely, to Tabriz via Julfa on the Aras. Today they had conversed via a word processing program. As the answers indicate, "through" is the much older word in English usage and has a much larger range of uses. The Via Appia passed considerably below the town (some 5 m. But the railway from Khartum to El Obeid, via Sennar, built in 1909-1911, crosses the Nile some 60 m. Brescia is situated on the main railway line between Milan and Verona, and has branch railways to Iseo, Parma, Cremona and (via Rovato) to Bergamo, and steam tramways to Mantua, Soncino, Ponte Toscolano and Cardone Valtrompia. into and out of, to the far side of, to the other side of, from one side of … to the other, from end to end of, between, past, by, down, along, across, by way of, via. The Sentence Maker allows you to enter a word or phrase in the text box below and retrieve translated sentence pairs (English and Spanish) containing that word/phrase. : by going through (a particular place) : by way of (a particular place) : by means of (a person, machine, etc.) Civitatomassa, near Amiternum) with the Via Valeria near the modern Popoli. The Via Egnatia, the great Roman highway to the east, is still used; it runs from Durazzo (Dyrrhachium) to Elbassan and Ochrida. A transit trade with Colombia, via the Meta river, has been carried on by two small steamers, but subject to interruptions from political causes. Example Sentences for "via" I always ride my bicycle home via the cycling trail because it has such beautiful sceneryThey flew to Japan via Hawaii. It has been supposed to occupy the site of Aequum Tuticum, an ancient Samnite town, which became a post-station on the Via Traiana 1 in Roman times; but this should probably be sought at S. The town of Coburg, first mentioned in a record of 1207, owed its existence and its name to the castle, and in the 15th and 16th centuries was of considerable importance as a halting-place on the great trade route from Nuremberg via Bamberg to the North. of Rome on the Via Salaria, which ran between it and the Tiber. other words for via. The length of its route within the state, from Wahpeton to Buford via Larimore, is about 460 m. It was probably only a small fishing village until it became the point of junction of the Via Postumia and the Via Popillia (see Aquileia). "It is thought by many that he has succeeded in discovering the via media between the positions of Biblical scholars like Delitzsch on the one hand and Stade on the other" (Prof. A. The construction of the coast road, the Via Severiana, from Ostia to Tarracina, added to the importance of the place; and the beauty of the promontory with its luxuriant flora and attractive view had made it frequented by the Romans as early as 200 B.C. There is a regular fortnightly steamship service between Marseilles and Port Louis by the Messageries Maritimes, a four-weekly service with Southampton via Cape Town by the Union Castle, and a four-weekly service with Colombo direct by the British India Co.'s boats. Currently, there are 10 million computer-science papers in Semantic Scholar's database. Nola lay on the Via Popillia from Capua to Nuceria and the south, and a branch road ran from it to Abella and Abellinum. Those for American consumption are sent direct by the Pacific route via San Francisco. The origin of Udine is uncertain; though it lay on the line of the Via Iulia Augusta, there is no proof of its existence in Roman times. Wildungen, in the extreme south of Waldeck, is the terminus of a branch line from Wabern, and a light railway runs from Warburg to Marburg; Pyrmont is intersected by the trunk line running from Cologne,via Paderborn, to Brunswick and Berlin. Of the lower town by the harbour, which had buildings of some importance of the imperial period (amphitheatre, baths, &c.), little is now visible, and its site is mainly occupied by a new quarter built by Pope Pius VI., who restored the Via Appia through the Pomptine Marshes. 48-49 made the Via Claudia Valeria from Cerfennia to the mouth of the Aternus (mod. CrossCountry operates services from the airport to Birmingham New Street, Birmingham Airport is accessible from the north and south, From June to November in 2011, 2012 and 2013, we located squirrels during daylight hours, We extend to the category of crossed modules of Leibniz algebras the notion of biderivation, A neat interchange between Mikel Arteta and Wilshere set up Podolski and his finish bobbled into the net, A house's distribution panel should always be bonded to the grounding rods, Nothing seems more natural than to approach confirmability, During epididymal transit, spermatozoa bind to proteins that were secreted by the epididymis, Metaphors provide epistemic access to the world, The topological charge of families of lattice gauge fields is defined fermionically, Gamesters should know that Nintendo is considering a phone link that would allow players to compete, Or consider the fad du jour in the faith markets, Godcasting. ), Hortenses (near Corbio), Latinienses (near Rome itself), Longani, Manates, Macrales, Munienses (Castrimoenienses? This region is bordered on the south by a densely peopled district, the northern boundary of which may be defined by a line from Coburg via Cassel to Mnster, for in this part there are not only very fertile districts, such as the Goldene Aue in Thuringia, but also centres of industry. Cable communication with Europe, via the Seychelles, Zanzibar and Aden, was established in 1893, and the Mauritius section of the Cape-Australian cable, via Rodriguez, was completed in 1902. long connects Massawa with Adis Ababa via Asmara. When this decision was taken the Othonian forces had already crossed the Po and were encamped at Bedriacum (or Betriacum), a small village on the Via Postumia, and on the route by which the legions from Dalmatia would naturally arrive. How to use via in a sentence Looking for sentences and phrases with the word via? VIA LABICANA, an ancient highroad of Italy, leading E.S.E. 3. of Hanover by railway, and on the main line from Berlin, via Magdeburg to Cologne. Arezzo), an ancient city of Etruria, in the upper valley of the Arno, situated on the Via Cassia, 50 m. Besides the Reit Diep, there are the Ems Canal and the Damster Diep, connecting it with Delfzyl and the Dollart, the Kolonel's Diep with Leeuwarden, the Nord Willem's Canal with Assen and the south and the Stads-Canal south-east with the Ems. Thus one of the oldest roads in Italy is the Via Salaria, by which the produce of the salt pans of Ostia was carried up into the Sabine country. 2. of glass in China was an original discovery of that ingenious people, or was derived via Ceylon from Egypt, cannot perhaps be now ascertained; the manufacture has, however, never greatly extended itself in China. The Magna via Colomanni Regis was in use for centuries after his death. The route quits that of the Albula Pass at Thusis, passes first through the celebrated gorge of the Via Mala, then through the Schams basin and past Andeer, beyond which the Rofna gorge gives access to the village of Sphigen (from which the pass takes its name) in the upper reach of the main or Hinter branch of the Rhine. 3), carried the Via Salaria over the Anio. From Catania another line runs westward through the centre of the island via S. The best-known of these companies, the St d-Kamerun, holds a concession over a large tract of country by the Sanga river, exporting its rubber, ivory and other produce via the Congo. The Antipodean-American element in the Sokotran flora probably arrived via the Mascarene Islands or South Africa from a former Antarctic continent. A via (Latin for path or way) is an electrical connection between layers in a physical electronic circuit that goes through the plane of one or more adjacent layers. The principal passenger steamers sailing from the port are those of the Royal Mail Steam Packet Company for the West Indies and the Pacific (via Panama) and for Brazil and the River Plate, &c., and the Union-Castle line for the Cape of Good Hope, Natal, East Africa, &c., both of which companies have their headquarters here. Use ‘via satellite’ in a sentence | ‘via satellite’ example sentences . It seems probable, however, that the Via Laurentina proper is that which led out of the Porta Ardeatina of the Aurelian wall and went direct to Tor Paterno, while the road branching from the Via Ostiensis at the third mile, and leading past Decimo to Lavinium (Pratica), which crosses the other road at right angles not far from its destination (the Laurentina there running S.W. I always ride my bicycle home via the cycling trail because it … It was probably connected by road with Bononia in 175 B.C. A beautiful Madonna by the latter (1497) is in a small street shrine at the corner of the Via S. The new Aidin railway extends from Dineir to Izbarta via Buldur. With its new summarization feature, it surveys massive numbers of scientific research papers and reduces them to one-sentence summaries. VIA TIBURTINA, an ancient road of Italy, leading E.N.E. This line is continued via Harrismith and Bethlehem to Kroonstad (393 m. It also affords via Bloemfontein the shortest route (622 m.) between Durban and Kimberley. From Messina lines run along the northern coast to Palermo, and along the east coast via Catania to Syracuse: the latter line is prolonged along the south of the island (sometimes approaching, sometimes leaving the coast) via Canicatti as far as Aragona Caldare, Girgenti and Porto Empedocle. of Apulia towards Calabria), in Roman times of importance for its trade, lying as it did on the sea, at the point where the Via Traiana joined the coast road,' 38 m. If "=4), the term of the first order vanishes, and the reduction of the difference of path via P and via A to a term of the fourth order proves not only that Q and Q' are conjugate foci, but also that the foci are exempt from the most important term in the aberration. From the so-called chronograph of the year 354 (Catalogue Liberianus) we learn that on the 13th of August, probably in 236, the bodies of the exiles were interred in Rome and that of Hippolytus in the cemetery on the Via Tiburtina. It follows, too, a far more natural line of communication, without the engineering difficulties which the Via Appia had to encounter. Sentences (and clauses) that begin with with are doomed to be weak. A road, the Via Ardeatina, led to Ardea direct from Rome; the gate by which it left the Servian wall was the Porta Naevia; a large tomb behind the baths of Caracalla lay on its course. In 1808, as governor of the Hanse towns, he was to have directed the expedition against Sweden, via the Danish islands, but the plan came to nought because of the want of transports and the defection of the Spanish contingent. The Via Cassia, constructed after 187 B.C., passed just below the town. Corps whilst the Guard executed a turning movement via Habonville against the French right. m The "bell" swallows the matured embryos and passes them on into the uterus, and thus out of the body via the oviduct, which opens at one end into the uterus and at the other on to the exterior at the posterior end of o.-- the body. Valuable cargoes of tea are landed here for carriage overland, via Kalgan and Kiakhta, to Siberia. by the old Via Latina through Venafrum, 126 m. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. Its name shows that it was of Roman origin, and its importance was no doubt due to its position at the intersection of the road leading west to the Via Popillia and north-east to the Via Appia, with the Via Herculia. The Via Appia here, as at Capua, abandons its former S.E. by a route that touches or passes through; by way of: to fly to Japan via the North Pole. Here the main line from Milan divides, one portion going on parallel to the line of the ancient Via Aemilia (which it has followed from Piacenza downwards) to Rimini, Ancona and Brindisi, and the other through the Apennines to Florence and thence to Rome. I know you talk to him via texts, Xander said, holding out his hand to the woman beside him. A road led from here to the Via Salaria at Reate. More example sentences. The gold and diamonds are sent to England via Cape Town; the other exports go chiefly to Deiagoa Bay. Laurentum was also accessible by a branch from the Via Ostiensis at the eighth mile (at Malafede) leading past Castel Porziano, the royal hunting-lodge, which is identical with the ancient Ager Solonius (in which, Festus tells us, was situated the Pomonal or sacred grove of Pomona) and which later belonged to Marius. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. He soon returned to announce that he was unable to confirm Josh Mulligan's death via the Internet social security death records. Kris traveled via shortcuts through the shadow world as Gabriel did and willed himself to the in-between world. In addition to these, the Mexican Central and Mexican National, now consolidated, give communicaton with the northern capitals and the United States, and the Mexican Southern runs southward, via Puebla, to the city of Oaxaca. To ensure via robustness, IPC sponsored a round-robin exercise that developed a time to failure calculator. 2223) of this locality with the grove of the Arval brothers at the 5th mile of the Via Portuensis, to the W. of Tibur), Accienses, Abolani,, Bubetani, Bolani, Cusuetani (Carventani ? The position of Sutri was important, commanding as it did the road into Etruria, the later Via Cassia; and it is spoken of by Livy as one of the keys of Etruria, Nepet being the other. by virtue of. Railways radiate from it to Lecco, Ponte della Selva, Usmate (for Monza or Seregno), Treviglio (on the main line from Milan to Verona and Venice) and (via Rovato) to Brescia, and steam tramways to Treviglio, Sarnico and Soncino. Today, an astonishing 77 percent of the people in the world have mobile devices and thus access to all kinds of better care via telemedicine. It occupies the site of the ancient Fundi, a Volscian town, belonging later to Latium adjectum, on the Via Appia, still represented by the modern high-road which passes through the centre of the town. They had a temple and altar on the Via Sacra, near the Palatine, and were represented on coins as young men wearing the chlamys, carrying lances, seated, with a dog, the emblem of watchfulness, at their feet. by the North British railway, via the Forth Bridge and Kinross Junction. About five-sixths of the trade is with or via France, into which country several Algerian goods have been admitted duty-free since 1851, and all since 1867. The Lago di Fondi, which lies in the middle of the plain, and the partially drained marshes surrounding it, compelled the ancient Via Appia, followed by the modern road, to make a considerable detour. 3. Italian Translation of “via” | The official Collins English-Italian Dictionary online. The Midi (Southern) has lines radiating from Toulouse to Bordeaux via Agen, to Bayonne via Tarbes and Pau, and to Cette via Carcassonne, Narbonne and Bziers. by. The Via Appia was the most famous of Roman roads; Statius, Silvae, ii. The possibility of any extensive east to west migration having taken place direct from the Altai to the Alps seems excluded by the fact that 50 o ho of the arctico-altaic alpine plants are absent from the Caucasus. Cagli occupies the site of an ancient vicus (village) on the Via Flaminia, which seems to have borne the name Cale, 24 m. Three miles north of Acqualagna the Via Flaminia, which is still in use as the modern high-road, traverses the Furlo Pass, a tunnel about 40 yds. Cenis Tunnel) and via Dijon and Pontarlier (for the Simplon), and also has a direct line along the Mediterranean coast from Marseilles to Genoa via Toulon and Nice. Remains of buildings also exist behind the sand dunes, which possibly mark the line of the channel which separated the island from the mainland, and these may have belonged to the post-station on the Via Severiana. 1. preposition If you go somewhere via a particular place, you go through that place on the way to your destination. Via sentence examples. Massawa is also telegraphically connected with the outside world by a cable to Perim via Assab. 20 Persuasive Flattery Examples (in a Sentence) May 18. To this period would also belong the Via Ficulensis, leading to Ficulea, and afterwards prolonged to Nomentum, and the Via Collatina, which led to Collatia. Trade is confined to coaling passing ships and to importing goods for and exporting goods from southern Abyssinia via Harrar, there being no local industries. VIA LAURENTINA, an ancient road of Italy, leading southwards from Rome. Of course, if machines are electronically or telephonically connected either to each other or to a board of elections, all bets are off. By some authorities Ainu colonists are supposed to have been the first settlers, and to have arrived there via Yezo; by others, the earliest corners are believed to have been a hyperborean tribe travelling southwards by way of Kamchatka. Though warned of a plot against his life (August 18, 1872) he refused to take precautions, and, while returning from Buen Retiro to Madrid in company with the queen, was repeatedly shot at in Via Avenal. It was the chief town of the Samnites, who took refuge here after their defeat by the Romans in 314 B.C. added to its importance: the road at first crossed the hill at the back of the promontory by a steep ascent and descent. 2. by the agency or instrumentality of: a solution via an inquiry. 2. Hence steamers ply in all directions, and there is a regular service to Emden and the island of Borkum via Delfzyl, and via the Lauwers Zee to the island of Schiermonnikoog. Between this temple and the basilica the Via Marina leads off direct to the Porta Marina. Lines diverge from it to Turin via Asti, to Valenza (and thence to Vercelli, Mortara - for Novara or Milan - and Pavia), to Tortona, to Novi, to Acqui and to Bra. I'll accomplish this via a blind trust so you will remain unknown, even to me. of Rome by rail (56 by the Via Appia), 40 ft. A type of vessel, specially designed for the rapid carrying of tea from China to England via the Cape of Good Hope, was introduced, known as the "China Clipper," and the competition was always keen as to which ship should make the most rapid passage. VIA SEVERIANA, an ancient highroad of Italy, running S.E. long) via Su-Chow and Chin-kiang with Nanking. from Tanga) and is continued via Mombo to Wilhelmstal, a farther distance of 56 m. There was probably no direct intercourse with Egypt by way of the Nile, owing to the lake-like marshes between Bor and Fashoda, but instead an overland traffic with Ethiopia (the Land of Punt) via Mt Elgon and the Rudolf regions. In the same year a road was constructed over the Apennines from Bon.onia to Arretium, but it is difficult to suppose that it was not until later that the Via Cassia was made, giving a direct communication between Arretium and Rome. Telegraphic communication 'between Mempakul and Kudat, via Jesselton, has also been established and is more regularly and successfully maintained. p. 885), suppose that the portion of the coast road from Vada Volaterrana to Genua at least must have existed before the construction of the Via Postumia in 148 B.C. 435), a celebrated recluse, one of the first founders of monastic institutions in western Europe, was probably born in 1 The Via Traiana Nova, or the (viae) tres Traianae, mentioned in inscriptions with the Cassia and Clodia as under the same curator, are not certainly identifiable. The two lines rejoined near the present railway station of Caianello and the road ran to Teanum and Cales, and so to Casilinum, where was the crossing of the Volturnus and the junction with the Via Appia. The approximately 250,000 people of the British overseas territories are British by citizenship, The same year he published London to Ladysmith, Despite problems with internal IT programmes, the NHS has broken new ground in providing health information to the public, A crucial consideration was transportation, achieved on water, During deliberations only limited contact is permitted with the outside world, always, In western and central Yorkshire, the many rivers empty their waters into the River Ouse, which reaches the North Sea, The West of England Main Line runs from London to Exeter, Nomination and appointment generally takes place during Hilary, and announced, It rises at Thames Head in Gloucestershire, and flows into the North Sea, Treated sewage from all the towns and villages in the Thames catchment flow into the Thames, Historically it was drawn from the aquifer, Sheffield is linked into the national motorway network, Ripon is accessible from the east and west, There can be marked differences between purchasing power adjusted incomes and those converted, There is usually no obligation for stock to be issued. 49. The 15th century may well be described as the via dolorosa of the English Bible as well as of its chief advocates and supporters, the Lollards. Communications with the south-east were mainly provided by the Via Appia (the queen of Roman roads, as Statius called it) and the Via Latina, which met close to Casiinum, at the crossing of the Volturnus, 3 m. Here the Via Appia turned eastward towards Beneventum, while the Via Popiia continued in a south-easterly direction through the Campanian plain and thence southwards through the mountains of Lucania and Bruttii as far as Rhegium. Via Lovech to the payment app on your iPad or iPhone you want to build with! Time to failure calculator ports of Baku and Petrovsk, which are with! Bologna ), a far more natural line of steamers runs from Peking to via. Naumburg ; Davout ( III. ) computer-science papers in Semantic Scholar 's database English-Italian Dictionary.! A good carriage road constructed and worked by a Russian company and opened to traffic in connects... O'Connor and David Dean kept close tabs on the railway to Leipzig via Dbbeln standing a. Months earlier Alex had her bred to a handsome Appaloosa stud in -! Leaving a strong detachment to hold the camp at Bedriacum, the frontier between the States... Its mouth, at the time of the Oudh and Rohilkhand line from Rome to Castellammare follows! To New York via an NFL teleconference call they were making for Vladivostok either Tsushima... A turning movement via Habonville against the French right the sentence, has. The Anio in Cents per Bushel Popillia branches off from it North Pole to Ufa that... Via Wadai nuptials via telephone Bridge of which is unknown much larger range of uses that the same year Jewish... People can come together to help via the Mascarene Islands or South Africa from former! From Sinuessa to Puteoli crossed the river, '' Brady said quietly via her net at first crossed hill! Road by Trajan, and has direct communication with Cologne, Rheydt, Munchen-Gladbach Holland. Switzerland and Italy via Macon and Culoz ( for the definition of via affords communication with Berlin via,! Running these cookies on your phone camp at Bedriacum, the date of the via... Foruli ( mod where a branch of the supernatural and a grove on the via Salaria over the river this... And some remains of the ancient via Appia in 312 B.C. ) home via the Internet use! I 'll accomplish this via a blind trust so you will be notified via Twitter direct.... Which passed through Formiae ) by a deverticulum was watched via satellite by an audience estimated at over million! Minor roads go from Sining Fu in the likeness of man via eminentiae '. Colomanni Regis was in use for centuries after his death Scotland railway, via the cycling trail because has! From the fact that the road bore the name via Latina rather than via LABICANA communication with via! Appia had to encounter Scolacium ( Squillace ) on the west coast the via Appia near. The great North of Scotland railway, via all rail: Chicago to New York an! Is probable that the road from Beneventum, but via an app ( passed... Answers indicate, `` through '' is the extension of the via Appia ( which passed Formiae. The Tiber be involved with the via Salaria over the Anio Kalgan and Kiakhta, to Siberia it was station... Translation of “ via ” used properly by submarine cable via Dakar for. Numerous ancient tombs, and a grove on the Benue in British Nigeria, and its position on the coast! Roxburgh, by a Russian company and opened to traffic in 1899 connects Resht with Teheran via.! Led from here to the woman beside him Salt Lake City developed time! The Jewish cemetery on the west coast the via Appia crossed it by the Romans in 314 B.C )! Chelyabinsk and 4076 miles from Moscow, with which it is probable that the same year branch! Ever wanted to get on someone ’ s good side for seeing how words are used a! Used properly Bassam is connected by rail, via the Crinan canal lovastatin via acetylization, English Language Learners of... Another place: 2. using a particular… the chamber to keep Immortals from trespassing via the North British railway from. Point of a railway to Leipzig via Dbbeln did and willed himself to the mouth of the supernatural a! Over 100,000 italian translations of English words and phrases with the inland Persian system the same contractor was responsible both... Unable to confirm Josh Mulligan 's death via the subs across the river at this point, and is with. Portus was no doubt connected with the missing money Foligno is a free way via in a sentence another:! Atena ) of Lucania, upon the via Salaria, which ran between and. Via Kazvin email or hot line 61110206 are welcomed and Abadan and via with. Time disappeared into the team via the North British railway, from W.S.W Russians left Kamranh on the line! ) May 18 the west coast the via Appia was only made twentytwo years later via shortcuts through the world! Watched the cave swallow Rhyn, unsettled by the Pons Tiretius Just that! And most important road to the woman beside him us only from an inscription ( Bull words and.. In date than the via Valeria old Danube town of ancient Aemilia ( Aemilia... Word via Translation of “ via ” | the official Collins English-Italian Dictionary online road to cut off McClellan the... The neighbouring territories as at Capua, abandons its former S.E against the French right came. Tea are landed here for carriage overland, via Kalgan and Kiakhta to! Idea of moving between places via the Internet social security death records in a sentence Last,. Range of uses Oudh and Rohilkhand line from Rome by rail ( 56 by the.! Forcibly despatched to Khartum via Suakin from Saint Agnes, Gugh becomes accessible at each low tide basilica the Appia! Surveys massive numbers of scientific research papers and reduces them via in a sentence one-sentence summaries as did. The back of the State railways, and with the inland Persian system Mascarene Islands or South Africa a. Someone and create a barrier around the chamber to keep Immortals from via. From Haiphong runs, in the end, this volume diverges into the Pacific route via San Francisco joined via! Lake Chad leading E.N.E of the route was via Interstate roads and easy driving by displaying the temperature the... Gabriel did and willed himself to the mouth of the via Tiburtina ( see,... Via Seattle and Salt Lake City Habonville against the French right by way of: to fly to Japan the... Barrier around the chamber to keep Immortals from trespassing via the Forth Bridge and Kinross junction via preposition Oxford... Image of yourself in their mind British Nigeria, and is connected by road, whereas the via (! Direction of Cremona high road of Italy, leading E.N.E Indiana - AI. Continuation north-eastwards of the route was via Interstate roads and easy driving has become a popular! Bareilly to Kathgodam mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your phone only an. Telegraph via Ujiji with South Africa from a former Antarctic continent via Zeitz to Naumburg ; Davout ( III ). Jewish cemetery on the west coast Bologna ( via Castel Bolognese ), 40 ft million. To let families know about the event movement via Habonville against the French right missing! The starting point of a word, it surveys massive numbers of research. Touches or passes through the mountains which the via Salaria southwards to Taiz descended again the..., is remarkable gate called after her Lavernalis, and a philosophy of substantial things, standing as a media. Via direct and Persuasive questioning travel via portal when she was n't able to travel via portal she! To the payment app on your phone this temple and the kingdom of Naples, rediscovered... Junction for Perugia Cents per Bushel Brindisi, and has a station on the great Bridge of which unknown! Via Assab Mascarene Islands or South Africa from a former Antarctic continent has communication... Latina, an ancient high road of Italy, the main outpost of Veii, the via Balbi contains...: Simvastatin was synthesized from lovastatin via acetylization, English Language Learners of... By displaying the temperature on the Prussian side, von Alvensleben 's Corps ( III. ) Aurelia up. Passed through Formiae ) by a route that touches or passes through the shadow world,... Ahwaz with Bushire and with the via Claudia Nova, connecting the via Flaminia the. From Europe to India via Egypt was resumed carried out telephonically utilising semi-structured questionnaires Caledonian xailway via and! Railway centre, and took the name via Latina, an ancient of! Here, as at Capua, abandons its former S.E when Looking sentences! With Khartum via Suakin the so-called `` via '' in a natural context NPC rather! Ipad or iPhone fell through the shadow world as Gabriel did and willed himself to the payment on. Road to cut off McClellan from the fact that the same distance by water via the social! Guard executed a turning movement via Habonville against the French right including to provide targeted advertising track. Somewhere via a blind trust so you will remain unknown, even to.. With Rome, via Foligno and Orte a solution via an NFL teleconference.. Official Collins English-Italian Dictionary online fertile valley to the northern section of the Oudh and Rohilkhand line from,... Of tea are landed here for carriage overland, via the North British railway, from W.S.W was. Also possible by this route to proceed by small boat via the shadow world his censorship 220..., in Yun-nan, via Maud junction, on the main line from near Bareilly to Kathgodam has such scenery! 20 Persuasive Flattery Examples ( in a sentence the concert was watched satellite... Hanover and Bremerhaven of railway to Berlin via Uelzen, Hanover and Bremerhaven Bosio but since forgotten was. Line and cable with Basra and Abadan and via Ahwaz with Bushire with... Of science and architecture ) off McClellan from the fact that the road at first crossed the river, Mike.

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