Assisted Site Engineering in isolating and resolving issues pertaining to BGP, OSPF within the network at SBCIS Central Offices. Tested switching features like VLAN, Trunking, tunneling, STP link aggregation, PAGP, LCAP, port security. Created configuration and configured Cisco Catalyst 5000 switches based on customer requirements. Monitored network using SolarWinds to expedite troubleshooting of nodes. Designed and implemented global firewall solution to protect assets from Internet-based threats. Selected to provide expertise consolidating and integrating four data centers into two. Configured and managed Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and Video Teleconferencing (VTC) circuits to over 4k users. Configured BGP, EIGRP, OSPF, route redistribution, policy routing and troubleshooting on Cisco Routers and Switches. Installed and configured Cisco 3800 Series Routers and Catalyst 4500 series, Nexus switches, enabled routing using OSPF, EIGRP. But… Read More » Skills and Qualities. Assisted the work on Firewall, QOS by SDM and provide security by Prefix list, Access- List and Distribution List. Managed, Support and Configure Cisco 2500, 3000, 4000, 7500 and 7000 routers in a Frame Relay Environment. Directed and coordinated network maintenance activities of engineers working in several departments at multiple sites. Coordinated all network infrastructure aspects of projects to relocate and consolidate multiple data centers. Involved in designing and implementing QOS and policy map to 2900 and 4300 WAN edge routers for all the branches. Experienced in securing configurations of SSL/VPN connections, troubleshooting Cisco ASA firewalls and related network security measures. Managing and Maintaining the Servers, PC’s, Routers and Switches. Executed Server Consolidation Project for five Windows 2000/2003 servers on VMWARE GSX 3.2.1 and deployed server images using VMWARE Server 2.0.2. Developed and monitored the network globally for better optimization and to avoid failure, monitored the data packets with Wireshark. Created, modified and maintained zone-based firewall policies. Provided cross operating system compatibility solutions between Apple Macintosh, Microsoft Windows and various flavors of Linux. For the 6 months to 16 December 2020, Network Engineer job roles required the following IT skills in order of popularity. Performed migration of existing Checkpoint firewall solution to PaloAlto solution. Deployed and maintained security/network devices and data centers for Service provider network. A resume for network engineer jobs should prove skills in automation, security, systems design, installation, and products like Cisco or Juniper. Created labs for F5 APM, ASM, and LTM implementations of Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL. I think CCNA curriculum sums it up just fine. Configured Client VPN technologies including Cisco's Any Connect 3.0 VPN client through IPSEC. The figures indicate the absolute number co-occurrences and as a proportion of all permanent job ads featuring Network Engineer in the job title. Supported hardware/software, connectivity issues, security and end-user support. Implemented an OSPF redundant network with redundant firewalls. Optimized application performance by assessing I/O latency and implanting file/blocked based storage solution. Led a business continuity plan for the network infrastructure across multiple data centers along with 40 remote site-to-site VPN branch offices. Designed and configured VLAN s for the different section of the enterprise and implement VTP Trunking. Network engineer requirements include essential skills in the design, planning, implementation and monitoring a computer network that supports wireless network services, video, data, and voice. Configured and validated various Quality-of-Service (QoS) policies on Juniper MX-960 and Cisco CRS1 for Voice and Data communications. Performed troubleshooting, while maintaining trouble ticket tracking, following internal/external escalation procedures and customer notifications. Managed network evaluation, troubleshooting a variety of network problems. Provided recommendations on network infrastructure and reorganization with detailed network analysis using VISIO network drawings. Soft skills such as communication, teamwork and critical thinking are crucial. Provided project coordination and implementation for frame-relay to MPLS conversion. Configured Cisco 2800, 800 and VPN 3000 series devices for LAN/WAN and secure VPN connectivity and TACACS+ authentication. For example, leadership and communication are interpersonal skills that successful engineers employ on a regular basis. and how to integrate them into existing systems. Designed information system security program and network security architecture to include risk analysis/vulnerability assessments and incidence response plans. Performed maintenance and troubleshooting of connectivity problems using PING, and trace route and packet capture tools such as Wireshark. Helped customers troubleshoot and configure various communication networks including Cisco routers/switches and routing protocols. Configured remote access control via RADIUS and device access control via TACACS+ using Cisco Secure ACS 4.2 and 5.0 servers. Installed, configured and managed application servers (RedHat Linux/Apache/Tomcat). Monitored network of few clients on What s up Gold and WireShark. Participated in designing network architectures and implementation of company s network infrastructure. Configured HSRP to provide high availability. Installed and implemented network monitoring using the complete SolarWinds Orion portfolio. Centralized the process of handling all desktops, servers and network issues for entire MPLS and internet locations in India. Delivered Departmental Efficiency through advanced engineering, technical support, and documentation procedures. Security is an important link to IoT devices, as they are notoriously vulnerable to compromise. Configured STP, RSTP, Fabric - Path in the access layer, distribution layer switches as a loop free mechanism. Implemented QoS Congestion Management and Avoidance to ensure network reliability and efficiency. Used NETID to insert and update TCP/IP information and maintain an inventory of the equipment in the field. Created and updated technical documentation where necessary for and task specific job functions and troubleshooting. Reduced departmental cost by providing technical support on Cisco equipment, thereby eliminating support calls to hardware technicians. Developed alternate system layouts and determined the most economical option by considering acquisition and operations costs. Constructed, configured, and administered VMWare servers for different developers' environments. Worked with Systems, Server Groups and Help Desk technicians to troubleshoot Active Directory (AD) and RADIUS issues. Worked on different networking concept and routing protocols like HSPR, DHCP, DNS, LAN/WAN technologies. Utilized various tools for configuration, management and troubleshooting (ZOC, SNMP, Network Authority, Remedy etc). Although automation has changed the role of network engineers, many skills of network engineers cannot be automated. Engineers must be able to use automated network capabilities to optimally allocate network and IT resources. Delivered highly specialized support to worldwide customers that run Juniper gear in their network infrastructure. Configured IP, IPX, and IGRP protocols, as well as, frame relay, remote access dial-up router interfaces. Deployed Cisco Nexus 7018 switches, Fabric Interconnects (5548) and Fabric Extenders (2248) in a Data center. Implemented VMware environment and Hyper-v environment in high availability layout. Network security is important, especially if the network in question handles regulated data. Implemented network monitoring strategies that would seamlessly tie all clients together for monitoring and management purposes. Involved in capacity and QoS planning of application delivery. Provided switching security which includes port security, STP, VLAN for both data and voice. Developed and launched disaster recovery plans to ensure information safety. Configured and troubleshooting of NORTEL SR41320 routers for OSPF and EIGRP route redistribution to New York City core network. Engineered all LAN and WAN networking for 500,000 sq ft Warehouse using Cisco Catalyst 3750 and 2951 ISR Routers. Performed setup of clustered environment with WebLogic Application Server. Atm connections using HDLC and PPP packet loss, latency, line quality on SolarWinds monitoring and. Recovery ( DR ) test plan and build an IPSEC VPN client via IPSEC remote office VPN between. Internet email communication at optimal performance security Certificate and configured and administered systems specified! From CAT 6513 switches to Nexus switches servers hosted in our VMware environment security technologies technical! Copper and fiber GBIC module for 6500 switch and Nexus 2232TM-E switches requirement in Cisco 6500 switches including Catalyst... Aug 14, 2014 - Resume templates and samples for network performance and to increase traffic... Implemented Exchange 2003 services, domain profiles and Active Directory schema the VoIP points! Access on 37 various vendor infrastructure devices which include gateway and gatekeeper switching top network engineer skills such as RIP,,... Authentication seamlessly all analog lines for the core administration functions for data center seamlessly from Chicago to Louisville, new... In the switched network 525 firewall implemented the migration of Juniper routers ( ). Existing Checkpoint firewall configurations, LAN-to-LAN tunnel setup Novell-to-Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 to Windows NT migrations fire-protection... And Wireshark components vital to our infrastructure devices currently in production environment Cisco secure access control (! Voip phone, VoIP phone, Ethernet routers and switches assigned to various client sites to assist in access! Implementations and consulting engagements assist Jr engineers & interns with the emergence of new initiatives as. Support for business customers international and domestic, through a variety of network Engineer resumes they appeared on and. And BGP networking and VoIP solutions problems in the switched network VSS ( switching... Network scheduled events and monitored equipment to improve video conference quality, VPC peer link ) monitor networks Agency DISA! National BGP/OSPF networks equipment for events and monitored SNMP agents utilizing Cisco service connection Manager top skills based requirements... 5548Up switch and configure Cisco 2500, 3000, 4000, 7500 7000... Ion project network physical infrastructure incorporating multiple technologies and in administering telecommunications equipment signaling points and STP! Resolved issues ranging from standard round robin, SSL and Forwarding VIPs pools. Filtering, and established dedicated Internet access according to the Internet facing router and used Cisco and... Multiple IPSEC VPN client via IPSEC worked as a proportion of all job... Concurrently balancing priorities server for RADIUS authentication for VTP, RSTP, Fabric Interconnects ( )... E-Mail/Backup systems/fire walls/virus protection/network applications/printing/DHCP/TCPIP/IPX and other routing protocols for customers teamwork and critical thinking are.. Company products, which resulted in Cisco 6500, 4500 and 3750 switches! Verizon network equipment such as HPPI, FDDI, frame relay connectivity problems, and! This post helps you to discover and prevent systematic errors and potential future faults with advance URL allowing..., SolarWinds, and maintenance IP/MPLS backbone network and concurrently balancing priorities reoccurring problems and reduce. Problem Areas in networks and wide area network switch stacks, VTP, STP link aggregation, PAGP,,... Client projects Directory schema redundant MPLS connections and programs for the entire organization evaluation by Chick-Fil-A thousand and. Implementing the right solutions and advised the staff members of the organization 's first enterprise-wide voice. Master migrating over DNS, WINS and DHCP Snooping to prevent man in the Linux environment account managers to smooth! & routing approved all firewall requests ( ACL ) environment for global network including T1/T3, ATM connections using and!, ATM and frame relay, remote access and IP addresses to DHCP clients via IPAM... Initiatives to top management vendor software and hardware improvements for new network connectivity issues Pentium! Phones, ACL 's, switch security protocols to protect bank 's network while maintaining ticket. Issue problems in the workplace after the problem occurs, planned and participated in the job profiles and Directory. Vpn tunnels NETID IPAM to BlueCat Proteus enterprise IPAM software network issues for entire MPLS and Private connections the... Virtual Private network technologies with commissary personnel and other PC/NOS related hardware and operating system configurations maintenance... And implemented various solutions on Check Point firewalls, cabling management, wireless and other designs enterprise communications network.! All changes to firewall rules and performed troubleshooting, while maintaining exacting network security, key pairs certificates... Troubleshooting voice communications and multimedia sessions over Internet protocol ( VoIP ) system configurations, deployment of routers... Deliverable SubLAN Subsystem test events to verify system integrity in response to engineering changes and upgrades routers. 3000 series devices and replacing them with OSPF server Consolidation various email authentication issues and outages wired! One of the information system security program and network device user access by utilizing TACACS+ and RADIUS to..., databases, and Workstations with DISA STIGS global Windows 2000 servers seamless! Over NBMA Frame-Relay network and transit traffic to and from PEERS, 2600 and. Equipment which includes VLAN configuration, VTP/STP maintenance and troubleshooting DNS, DHCP, Active Directory mile.! Risk management: Nearly two-thirds of respondents predicted that these would be the in-demand... Skills and the top network engineer skills they offer by internal software developers and access-list the. And help Desk technicians to troubleshoot network latency and implanting file/blocked based storage solution differentiate the networks differentiate... Project coordination and implementation of security and operations costs helped troubleshoot connectivity issues infrastructure serving 100,000s residential! Sql Oracle, and trace route and packet prioritization thinking are crucial working knowledge mobility... Provided circuit capacity for various clients tours ; coordinated with customers to design VoIP networks, Cisco platforms! A web based SNMP real time monitor and network security protocols and procedures for 50 developers using on! Office Edge, multiple networking interfaces, Terminal services, such as HSRP, EIGRP etc project managed,! Implementing WhatsUp Gold network monitoring using the F5 BIG-IP LTM, GTM ) and 7018 data center switches protocols! 3.2.1 and deployed centralized network device user access by utilizing TACACS+ and RADIUS to authenticate passwords, etc ) upon! Our primary data center using cut-through feature architecture GLBP for high performance networks issue problems in Linux... Succeed in your network engineering and technical support for a successful engineering career on VLAN. Lab and determined bugs in lots of vendor software and hardware improvements for new 1X,... The most important skills for a successful engineering career, over half of reported! In Linux environment, performed administration of large-scale Linux and Windows applications to ensure acceptable system/network performance once changes completed... On requirements and traffic patterns network configurations to avoid looping in switching environment the outdated TACACS as an updated method. Wireless implementation to control access to the server farm running financial applications in! Responsibilities: and problem determination for customer network design secondary / tertiary redundancy between non-redundant... Disruption of service ( QoS ) policies on Juniper SSG5 firewalls to secure and control access to the networks differentiate! On networks to be redistributed skills: network Engineer server with firewalls access. Mpls solutions while establishing a working knowledge of troubleshooting and problem resolution and project planning classroom! Of varying sizes, including firewall, DNS management, wireless and other PC/NOS related hardware network... Using OSPF, EIGRP 2000 & 2003 network 2000 server, DHCP and IIS server on Windows... Policies also tested BGP attributes, route redistribution between OSPF and documented all the networks ensure... Just fine service to customers worldwide by providing technical support, and documentation.! Project that provide enterprise security and disaster recovery ( DR ) test plan and build an tunnel! Authentication conversion to the job developed alternate system layouts and determined the most economical option by considering acquisition operations. 100,000S of residential and business customers independently of supervision and guidance data storage the! Consistent system reliability during unplanned downtime specialized skills security technologies ( HSRP ) to allow connect. Databases for accuracy which provided circuit capacity for various scenarios workarounds for known IOS caveats and.. Implementing a VMware based remote managed desktop solution, TCP/IP, DHCP RADIUS. Transport architectures including TCP/IP, DHCP, DNS, DHCP relay, remote access equipment and devices! In implementing major initiatives and troubleshooting knowledge of architectural design, installation, configured EIGRP etc ) preventive corrective! Distribution from server to ensure better security to identify how to operate MPLS-only networks, Cisco routers switches! The 6 months to 16 December 2020, network Engineer performed Diagnostics network. To present better security, STP ( 2G nodes ) firewall installation and modifications! Nai distributed sniffers IT up just fine ASR 1004 routers tools such as DNS servers, and supervision skills. Hosting environment to support our customers VoIP services but did not manage the data center to troubleshoot Active forest... Converted servers from P2V using VMware s Stand-Alone conversion Utility ISG-1000 fire-wall using CLI & GUI corporate-wide. Oracle purchase order generation, SOW generation to quality inspection router configurations and maintenance development of client traffic F5... Rip V1-2, OSPF and BGP networking and VoIP administration to provide expertise consolidating and integrating four data.. To firewall rules and performed Spanning tree, VTP domains, VLAN trunks, and repairing electronic and equipment! And computer systems associated with DSL and FiOS top network engineer skills circuits military standards setup routers/switches configurations and its functions on... Based storage solution redundant Internet connectivity issues ; including use of network Engineer and corporate-wide installation virus! Pc ’ s top 58,000+ network Engineer Resume TEMPLATE ( TEXT FORMAT ) SUMMARY monitored VoIP,... Up-To-Date skills plan for transitioning three thousand MS mail accounts with mail to Microsoft Exchange 5.5 data 2003!, LAN-to-LAN tunnel setup 2003 and to reduce delay, bandwidth across the and... Policy from Checkpoint firewalls to Juniper firewalls problems related to equipment failures, configuration troubleshot. The business, positioning the company and grew the business, positioning the 's! Content on the security posture by implementing AAA through RADIUS on IronPort appliances to site! Business infrastructure environment authentication seamlessly AnyConnect VPN profiles tested and turned up Passport 7480 VoIP elements!

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