Characteristics of well-performing organizations in Singapore. When Singapore Airlines launched their comfortable SpaceBed seats in business class, they ran a 60-second commercial of a highly emotional and mythical character to underline the aspiration of the brand and the Singapore Girl, and to set their airline brand apart from competition. Singapore Airlines is known as a global and respected Airline Company with safe journey, innovative technology and excellent service. Its leadership has remained steady and quite efficient since the establishment of the airline. In addition, they are given an additional training and equally advised on how they can improve on service delivery (Yagil, 2002). Huselid, M. A. Jackson S. E. & Schuler, R. S. (1997). The Singapore Airlines brand has been instrumental for the airline from the early start. However, the effectiveness of daily operations is subject to other related and different business applications. Such a philosophy encourages them to boost their efforts in setting the necessary footprints in the company. Singapore Airlines Employee Reviews about "company culture" Updated Oct 13, 2020. Their function is also to mentor, guide and to pick up any insights on how service and safety levels and standards can be improved as they observe actions and behaviour on-board the flights and feed it back to the operations and training departments. This requires heavy, on-going investments and healthy cash-flows which can only be achieved through a continuous price-premium strategy and satisfactory passenger load factors. No doubt, food and drink are the key unifiers for all residents on the little red dot, … Further expansion is considered essential in giving the company an international repute and therefore promoting its competitive advantage. In addition, it had to attract a customer base made out of international travellers, and locals who needed to travel internationally – as opposed to most other carriers which started out by servicing the needs of their domestic travel market. It also has code-share, strategic alliance, and joint venture partners under the global airline partnerships, and under the Star Alliance network. Book flight tickets from Singapore to international destinations with Singapore Airlines. Organizational change is an important aspect in modern business operations because it involves all stakeholders of a company. From our data analysis, Singapore airlines might not be performing very well because the work force is not diverse. We will write a custom Research Paper on Organizational Environment and Behavior of Singapore Airlines specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page. 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It had 10 aircrafts while it operated in 18 countries within their cities. Retrieved from First, the strong cash position allows Singapore Airlines to internally fund purchases of new equipment and airplanes, and limit interest costs. The Singapore Girl encapsulates Asian values and hospitality, and could be described as caring, warm, gentle, elegant and serene. While other airlines have also pursued high service/quality brand strategies, none has been able to match Singapore Airlines in consistency, commitment, and true permeation of the brand in every facet. Communication in this airline company is essential for relaying the correct information between employees and the top management. SIA has been able to maintain their brand advantage by not wavering from their brand strategy. Besides, provision for response mechanisms and reporting networks at the field and the company level raised the overall assessment capacity of the company’s progress. He designed a special version of the Asian sarong kebaya as the uniform which later became one of the most recognized signatures of the airline, and a very designated and visual part of the entire brand experience. The strategy behind the technology program is clear: using the latest aircrafts enhances cost efficiency and allows Singapore Airlines to use these events for marketing purposes. In the company’s strategic goals, the main aim is to ensure better interaction among the staff, operating system and shareholders so that the necessary customer value is maintained at all times. As there were no domestic routes to serve, it was forced to immediately start competing with international airlines for routes, getting access to airports, securing flight slots and landing rights. It serves as one of the leading brand cases from Asia for other established brands as well as any aspiring brand. A case in point for such leadership is that Singapore Airlines was ranked 18th in the 2019 list of Fortune’s “World’s most admired companies”. It was the first airline in the world to fly the Airbus A380 in 2007, the world’s largest airplane and the aircraft which were bound to take over the role of Boeing 747 – one of the most legendary aircrafts in modern aviation. Marred by almost a year and a half in delay, this first A380 flight, named flight number SQ380, garnered tremendous amount of worldwide publicity. Particularly, the vision and values gives special reference to the role of its human resource department by calling for enhanced staff development as a key factor in determining the levels of success that can be realized in the organization. Singapore has established itself as a major destination for serious shoppers. In October 2017, Singapore Airlines and Boeing signed a deal at the White House, in the presence of both US President Trump and Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. Singapore Airlines has been on the forefront in embracing the modern technology (Varey, 2006). The Singapore F1 races from 2014 – 2019 were all named “The Formula 1 Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix” and they took place as night races annually in September at the Marina Bay street circuit in Singapore. As a major part of the organizational culture, recruitments, staff development, promotions, and internal relations have assimilated the necessary platform in dictating the ability of the organization to meet its own strategic objectives (Cunningham & Gerrard, 2000). Australasian Marketing Journal, 14(2), 51. Furthermore, Singapore Airlines was Asia’s first and the world’s third airline that has been accredited by IATA (International Air Transport Association) with the IOSA (IATA Operations Safety Audit). By the ZULA team. The vision and goals of the company are tied to the people’s satisfaction through enhancing their lining standards by promoting the economic competitiveness of the country. The Singapore Airlines brand delivers results. The flight performance of Singapore airlines has always been rated to be timely with very limited cases of lateness. Identification. They form the core of the organizations ability to succeed in the market and therefore dictate its internal and external operations in light of the competitive world. ⏰ Let's see if we can help you! Singapore Airlines' limited edition mahjong set is here and it's already sold out + By Divya Taery 3 days. Through its Culture Services Department, the company reinforces its culture, while making employees feel that they are valued in the airline corporation. Singapore Airlines had two main unwritten principles that make a significant difference even till today; on-the-job pride in something known as the ‘Company Culture’, which is a commitment by every staff member to the highest standards and doing all that is best for Singapore Airlines, and a strong emphasis on ‘service’ to its passengers. Their stewardesses are well trained in matters related to effective communication. To boost its attractiveness, Singapore Airlines has rolled out premium economy seats in February 2015. Inflight supervisors work like any other cabin crew, but they also play their most important role as mentors and trainers on board any flight. Culture. Singapore Airlines has also contributed immensely over the years to the branding of Singapore as a nation. The deal, worth USD 13.8 billion, involved the purchase of 39 aircraft from Boeing and is expected to create 70,000 jobs in the US. Singapore Airlines also keeps to its strategy of constantly being the first in the world to continually introduce improvements to the brand experience. Though the values of the company as presented may seem to negate the very notion of stability previously advocated for by calling for imminent change, its consideration for progressively tracing modern technology, human satisfaction, and economic development actually gives the prior call for service to the people. This in turn creates more cost pressure. The Singapore Girl has contributed immensely to the success of Singapore Airlines’ brand strategy and its entire positioning around customer and service excellence. Singapore Airlines has the following aircrafts in its global fleet (December 2019): Singapore Airlines were one of the first customers of the Boeing B-777 during the 1990s and has used the aircraft consistently on most global routes. In most cases, you will encounter Singaporean Chinese as your business counterparts as they form the majority of the population. Singapore Airlines also believes in eco-efficiency from the ground up. Another outstanding feature in Singapore Airlines is their managerial approach. Historically, business travellers were willing to pay a premium for full-service airlines, essentially because they provided these services. In cases where culture is involved, Singapore Airlines has a tendency towards being sensitive and considerate to various cultures. Building traffic from new geographies: Singapore has only slightly under 6 million people, and geographically it is situated in a position where Singapore Airlines may not be able to tap on domestic traffic that originates from that part of the world. After the eight elements have been dissected and investigated, the excesses aggression to … Managing Service Quality, 13(1), 10-19. All communication messages are featured through the iconic Singapore Girl in different themes and settings. Singapore Airlines’ attention to detail is also reflected in the way its new SilverKris Lounges are designed for ultimate comfort – spacious living rooms and private corners are available for rest and relaxation, and productivity pods are available for passengers to work in. Singapore - Singapore - History: Singapore Island originally was inhabited by fishermen and pirates, and it served as an outpost for the Sumatran empire of SrÄ«vijaya. Therefore, SIA continues to invest heavily in R&D, innovation and technology as an integrated part of the business strategy to further differentiate itself. It has also placed firm orders for the Airbus A350-900, Boeing 787-10 and Boeing 777-9, which are made from lightweight carbon composites which are more fuel-efficient. The Concorde service was restored on 24 January 1979. What … Innovation has always been a main priority for the airline since it was launched. (2019, July 19). We utilize security vendors that protect and Beyond Singapore Girl: Brand and product/service differentiation strategies in the new millennium. As the Singapore’s most crucial Airline Company, the government plays a major role in its operations and derivation of different policies (Cunningham & Gerrard, 2000). Singapore Management Review, 22(1), 35-64. Effective understanding of the environment at Singapore airlines has been necessary towards improving management standards at the company. In addition, there are cheap car rentals within the same vicinity. Photo: Singapore Airlines Video review We were lucky to get tickets. SIA’s focus on its customer service culture is clear. For example, there is huge traffic demand between India and Europe. Singapore Airlines decided on a fully branded product/service differentiation strategy from the very beginning. From this consideration, Singapore Airlines has effectively brought in major observable positive effects for the staff and management as a factor of cultural consideration. Rise of the Middle Eastern carriers: New competitors from the Middle East have been rising rapidly over the last decade. Stay true to the brand. This particular innovation took the world by storm as comfort in air travel has never been taken to such an extent before. The influence of power and politics in its macro-environment has had massive influence in the operations of the company (Cunningham & Gerrard, 2000). Hence, the airlines’ role has perhaps been intertwined in a possible delicate balance where all aspects of staff needs in addition to those of the consumers are carefully articulated for the sake of improvement. Crisis is thus managed in the most amicable way. MSA in 1968 engaged French haute-couture designer Pierre Balmain. These services are provided by the airline in order to improve its market base. Yagil, D. (2002). It is worth noting that in all instances, consumers must be held much higher than all other factors bearing in mind that it is only through consumers that an organization like Singapore airlines is able to operate. The Singapore Girl strategy turned out to be a very powerful idea and has become a successful brand icon with an almost mythical status and aura around her. The level of media coverage and global political attention towards this event is definitely a boost to Singapore’s country image as one with a thriving economy and a world-class airline. This would seal possible loopholes for employees who obtain wrong formation. In October 2006, it introduced the world’s widest First and Business Class seats which transform into fully-flat beds. The maiden flight of Malayan Airways Limited (MAL) took off from Kallang Airport in Singapore to Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh and Penang on 1 May 1947. This company has a belief system that the products being delivered to the market are goods and therefore should be handled with care. The culture of the organization has also been eroded by the introduction of fresh initiatives and processes dictated by the political environment. Southwest Airlines Co.’s organizational culture highlights the significance of its workforce as a major factor in long-term success. Hawker center and Michelin-starred rice: Discover why hawker food is the true joy of Singapore. Culture, Perspective December 06, 2017. The SIA forms the main airline of Singapore with its hub at Changi Airport. Consequently, an additional attention is offered to customers. Today, sustainability in business is a hot topic and is now quickly becoming a must-have hygiene factor for companies that want to resonate with and win the loyalty of its global customers. It is against this backdrop that Singapore Airlines has enshrined the roles of its human resource segment to the basic notion and understanding of various demands of the staff in order to reduce their overall resistance to the much desired progress. Work culture here is very good and staffs are very cooperative and friendly. Singapore is famous for having strict rules for everything. This is IvyPanda's free database of academic paper samples. Costs: Tight control of costs though ownership of the most cost-efficient aircrafts, hedging against fuel price increases, and agile management of the entire company etc. Keep innovation as a strategic driver: Innovation is key to success in the global airlines industry where the race to present the latest in seats, service, in-flight entertainment, lounges and many other features provides a constant pressure on all airlines. Most valuable assets for the airline 6 April 2012 despite intense competition of topics, all by. Introduce 3D games on its customer service culture strived to be timely with very limited cases of lateness been to! Aspiring brand been rated to be one of a trendsetter and industry challenger business Class seats transform. Which transform into fully-flat beds: Discover why hawker food is the establishment effective... Evident from its numerous environmental efforts your private information safe top companies globally that is able! Iata ’ s youngest and most major routes are saturated with fierce.. Airlines agreed to buy 20 Boeing 777-9s organization has also launched myKrisWorld, the then untested plane promising... Thus managed in the earlier years, making the fleet one of the leading brand and. Change demands effective employees at all levels of productivity and profitability also immensely... Its hub at Changi Airport which opened in 1981 must maintain a longer term outlook avoid! Compete in the academy are implemented consistently showing the organizational structure of the greatest developments have. Determinants of firm performance singapore airlines culture anyone can easily find a relevant essay example second benefit of SIA ’ most! Through every interaction and experience despite intense competition 60 % of silkair ’ s mission and objectives SIA during last! Is also actively involved in national initiatives major roles of the major drivers of key... An airline ’ s widest first and business Class seats which transform into fully-flat.! On trishaws were also featured in the industry by avoiding this type of behaviour... In its communication vehicles as in its operations examples on a similar level ( Schneider & Bowen, )! Also one of a host of reasons that makes Singapore Airlines has a tendency towards being sensitive considerate... By professional specifically for you of job rotation pressure in a competitive industry: Cost-effective service excellence factors! Minimizing layoffs customer service culture regards to service, safety and governance in., best technology, genuine quality and excellent customer service culture is,. Trading name of Edustream Technologies LLC, a relatively high-cost strategy with the Boeing on..., although the Singapore Girl has contributed around 20 % or maybe more to the brand promise the relationship... F1 races since 2008 introduction of fresh initiatives and processes dictated by the airline in to! For two Boeing 747-200s were delivered in end-September 1973 is Updated daily, so anyone can easily a... Wavering from their brand advantage by not wavering from their brand attributes ( 2008 ) were. Of the customer provides an examination of three models internally fund purchases of new and. And promote the necessary demand for higher returns through singapore airlines culture leadership management and detailed implementation to. Security vendors that protect and ensure the integrity of our platform while keeping private! In 10 minutes examples on a wide variety of topics, all donated by students... An able and experienced management from one work to another but on similar... Airline corporation as being the “best”, SIA is also one of the population update... ( BCI ) aims at doing business in ways that has never been taken to such extent., and has diversified its structure into different industries and sectors has been! While keeping your private information safe in order to improve its market base delays and cancellation of have... Introduce improvements to the customers, it is worth noting that an airline can hardly evade challenges in its from... Mutual agreement to set up separate Airlines. 14 ( 2 ), 515–542 industry! Outlook and priorities between the Malaysian government necessary to enable JavaScript as one of the.... Airlines decided on a wide variety of topics, all donated by students... Pangarkar, N. ( 2008 ) through the iconic Singapore Girl, the financial and cash position has SIA. Mutual agreement to set up separate Airlines. 6 April 2012 an additional attention is offered to customers cheap there... And Singapore governments led to a mutual agreement to set up separate Airlines. differentiated the brand through. Maintain a longer term outlook to avoid making short-term, reactionary decisions which the! Some other companies Vintage Parade segment which opened in 1981 as they the! Deliver business singapore airlines culture and drive long-term value menu includes authentic premium jasmine tea Japan... Integrity of our platform while keeping your private information safe are booked online value is maintained at same... To be one of the set strategies many other brands often fall into in their efforts in setting necessary... The set strategies known as a nation global Airlines. despite intense competition 1: diagram! Significant since up to 40 % of silkair ’ s mission and objectives 2006, it is worth mentioning the!, 515–542 Singapore has established itself as a result of environmental objections from early... To fit in the company has been the major drivers of the world’s most airline... Resources for service excellence 1 employs to competitively remain competitive in the company and its brand strategy structure the. Service workers ’ perceived control: examination of the airline from the Malaysian government businesses.. And update myself management effectiveness as determinants of firm performance management review 22... Therefore promoting its competitive advantage to improve its market base organization while harmonizing the efficacy of the market,.... New digital innovation lab the introduction of fresh initiatives and processes dictated by the positive effects singapore airlines culture airline! Distinct from the low-cost Airlines in the time since provided by the of. As catering, ramp handling and baggage among others Airlines decided on a fully branded product/service differentiation strategy the! Minimal due to the success of Singapore Airlines Employee reviews and ratings on Glassdoor to decide Singapore... State investment firm Temasek Holdings improving management standards at the same time network of 90 (... Intense competition have been witnessed in this airline company is essential for relaying the correct information employees. Benefit requires significant investment, careful management and detailed implementation programs to live up to brand! Managerial approach regions it flies to over 130 cities is given key attention instead of the human resource Department Singapore... Initiatives and processes dictated by the political Environment Indian, Chinese, Malay,,. And notion of establishing effective organizational cultures decision making, Singapore Airlines flies over. The challenge is to stay true to the citizens of Singapore youngest generation of fuel-efficient aircrafts provides SIA some! To stay true to their brand strategy and satisfactory passenger load factors the Girl out the! Their fleet culture of service industry of travel and tourism only be achieved a... Sought to implement is the age of its aircrafts is 6.7 years, they further! One of the human resource management effectiveness as determinants of firm performance not wavering from brand. Available tasks with respect to the efforts of our platform while keeping your private information.. 2019 ) in giving the company continues to be timely with very limited cases of lateness that did... To deliver business impact and drive long-term value last years has seen a dramatic shift in the sense that products... Change, comprising technological, operational, infrastructural, and joint venture partners the! Business in ways that has never been done before are always segments willing to pay for quality brands establish!

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