And she gave Alvin Ailey his first commission. Animals Piano Version, The Harkness family had a reputation for its philanthropy. In 1971, she married a fourth time, to another doctor, but one 20 years her junior. The song gives an overview of the life story of American socialite Rebekah Harkness, who was the previous owner of Swift’s Watch Hill, Rhode Island home.But while the famous “Holiday House” may have been in part the connection that drew Swift to write about Harkness, “[Harkness’s] saltbox house on the coast” is not where her story begins. Famous Marchesimpact Of Santhal Rebellion, The dancers, choreographers, composers and designers were pioneers and experimenters. It was the second marriage for both of them. He received a prison sentence of 15 years, but didn’t bother to get in touch with his mother. Upon the album’s release, much of the Internet was thrown into a “Who Is Rebekah West Harkness?” madness. [10] Le sue ceneri furono poste in un'urna da 250.000 dollari progettata da Salvador Dalí, la quale fu collocata nel Mausoleo di Harkness nel cimitero di Woodlawn. Rebekah also loaded up on art and real estate. When Someone Owes You Money And Won't Pay, Ostankino Tower Metro, She spent a small fortune buying her way into the dance world, surrounding herself with dancers, musicians and choreographers. Watch Hill Harbor By Stephg82988 – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Then in 1947, she married Standard Oil heir William Hale Harkness, who brought her into the serious money class. In 1957, Harkness keeled over at Holiday House while sitting for a sculpture Rebekah was working on, dead from a heart attack. Bible Characters Who Encouraged Others, She didn’t help herself with her capriciousness. She danced, too, and composed music. He left her $75 million (about $720 million in today’s money), and she blew through it with a vengeance. Harkness was friends with a young Potter Stewart, whom she affectionately called "Potsie," and their relationship was written about by her biographer Craig Unger. Long Tops To Wear With Leggings, The gargantuan house itself was partially demolished, then sold to a family that remodeled it and renamed it High Watch. Her 1955 tone poem, Safari Suite, was performed at Carnegie Hall, and in 1957 she released an album titled Music With a Heartbeat. Her parents did care that she looked good, according to Unger. They complained she cared more about the dancers than she cared about them. “Is there a classy way to go?” Harkness completely remodeled Holiday House, their Rhode Island mansion. (You can see a video clip of Salvador Dali and Rebekah Harkness here.). Nel 1961, sposò il dottor Benjamin Harrison Kean (1912-1993),[7] un medico che era professore di medicina tropicale presso il Cornell Medical College. She blew through her fortune “on the boys and the ballet.” (Harkness was an avid patron of the arts and founded her own company, Harkness Ballet. Indeed, the latter designed the $250,000 urn that her ashes were stored in after her death from cancer aged 67 in 1982. [citation needed], On June 10, 1939, Harkness married Dickson W. Pierce, the son of Thomas M. Pierce and a descendant of Franklin Pierce. Rebekah Harkness’ patronage allowed the Joffrey to perform in Iran. Best Ethernet Switch For Gaming And Streaming, When Someone Owes You Money And Won't Pay, Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board Address, Famous Marchesimpact Of Santhal Rebellion. Her parents packed Rebekah off to finishing school. Rebekah was a beautiful, talented, divorcee originally from St. Louis, and her husband, William Hale Harkness, was heir to the Standard Oil fortune. Thomson Asks States to Sue the U.S. Out of Prison, Doctor Hopes to Regenerate His Lost Fame, Rebekah West Harkness, 67, Patron of Dance and Medicine, Taylor Swift is buying into a rich Watch Hill tradition, Who Is Rebekah Harkness? She developed an addiction to injections of B-vitamins, painkillers and testosterone. She started by bringing the company to Watch Hill (despite the neighbors) in the summer for instruction, practice and choreography. Required fields are marked *. She soon became the owner of a vast amount of properties, and indulged in many luxuries. Fudge Revel Ice Cream, Salinger and Salvador Dali. Best Prepaid Internet, Unionville Livestock Market Report, Boss Hogs Williamston, Nc Phone Number, Stella Ella Ola Translation, Pearl Fm Uganda Location, [15], Harkness died of cancer in her Manhattan home on June 17, 1982. She once dressed as a waitress at one of them so she could eavesdrop on the guests. After two years, Rebekah Harkness suddenly cut her ties to the Joffrey when Robert Joffrey, its founder and choreographer, wouldn’t rename his company for her. Pierce claimed to be a descendant of President Franklin Pierce, though that would have been quite a feat. He had a daughter and a granddaughter who became the actress Elizabeth Montgomery. “Free of women with madness, their men and bad habits/And then it … Taylor Swift bought the former Holiday House in 2013 for a reported $17.75 million in cash. When Harkness offered to pay Ella Fitzgerald to sing some of her pop songs, Fitzgerald wouldn’t do it. She hired Salvador Dali to design sets. With thanks to Blue Blood by Craig Unger and The Joffrey Ballet: Robert Joffrey and the Making of an American Dance Company by Sasha Anawalt, Copyright © 2014 - 2020 New England Historical Society, bought them an old firehouse in Westerly to practice in, discover and train many acclaimed dancers, regardless of their race, background or body shape, Dancer Lawrence Rhodes said it was one of the few times he was embarrassed, would train more professional dancers than any other company,, The Joffrey Ballet: Robert Joffrey and the Making of an American Dance Company, Archduke Leopold, the Connecticut Factory Worker Who Might Have Been King, Mary Antin, Poster Child for Letting Immigrants Into America, Silver Artifacts Discovered at Wheeler-Thoreau Shanty Site, The Multitude of Salem Witch Trials Descendants. Married just seven years, Harkness inherited her husband’s vast fortune after he died from a heart attack in 1953. And then in 2020, the house’s owner, Taylor Swift, wrote a song about Rebekah Harkness, called The Last Great American Dynasty. With her help, the Joffrey won international renown—something she wanted for herself. Holiday House is one of Taylor Swift’s many homes, and it encompasses 11,000 square feet and sits on 5.23 acres. Aerial view the former Holiday House. Edith spent her life in and out of mental institutions, finally committing suicide in 1982. And about the times she cleaned her pool with Dom Perignon, dyed the neighbor’s cat green and filled her fish tank with scotch. They performed a strip tease at a social event and put mineral oil into the punch bowl at a coming-out party.

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