Character. (His real name has never been revealed, as Filip Traum was a stage name and Benjamin Steele is the name of his old publisist ) Originally starting out on YouTube in 2008 with a channel called RustyCage352, he is known for making the Knife Game Song, dubbed the … (Clockwise, starting from top) Tude, Natasha, Angela and Frantz. He always had an infatuation with art. The main character in the book is Rusty-James who is a high school boy that is in a gang and likes to get into fights. Rusty, a sidekick of Big Guy from The Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot, a 1995 comic book "Rusty", the Good Dalek, in the Doctor Who episode "Into the Dalek"; Rusty, a locomotive in the British children's book series The Railway Series and television series Thomas & Friends; Rusty the Steam Engine, in the musical Starlight Express Rusty is a monkey wrench (thoughhelooks more likea pipe wrench) who is not very brave and usually worried. He sometimes needs Manny's assistance to get courage. Main Characters Edit. Their cousins Bart and Bertha try to take them away from their grandparents because the two children have trust funds from their dead parents. Rusty is a mysterious character that only a few characters have connections with. 2014 - Edward the Helpful Engine and Flight Sight. Rusty is generally a worrywart and a scaredy cat. 2015 - Dusty Rusty. two orphans named Jory and Tess. He bonds with Pat, Dusty, and Squeeze. They're not just any trains: they race, love, and create rivalries – but they're all the offspring of a child's dream! Lil Cuyler; Dan Halen; Squid Jesus; Recurring Characters Edit. Ruskin bond created this character to write about his own childhood experiences. All the characters in Starlight Express are vividly drawn in broad strokes, calling on archetypes and signs to show the audience who they are quickly. ( 1990-01-24) [age 30] ), is an American YouTuber and musician, who lives in Gainesville, Florida. ; The Bad Guy Wins: By the end of the series, Rusty is forced as a slave to work at his dad's deli, with Pikachu being his boss. Rusty is a sixteen year old orphaned boy, born in Dehradun. Arts and entertainment Fictional characters. When Bart and Bertha kidnap the newborn puppies, Rusty the dog decides to save them. Krystal; Boyd; Reverend; Snakeman; Glenn; Glenn's Wife; Billy Morton; Donna's Ex-Husband; Shawn Coleman (Himself) The Mexicans; Steve; Zombie Citizen; Dr. Cock; Deputy Denny; Melissa; Tammi; Macho Man Randy … Early Cuyler; Russell "Rusty" Cuyler; Granny Cuyler; Sheriff; Supporting Characters Edit. Rusty also appeared in the magazine stories, Boat Bother, Hello, Skarloey!, Musical Duncan, Rock 'n' Roll Rescue, Rocking About, Roll and Rock, Rusty and the Cheeky Boys, Smoke Signals, and The Cliff Railway . Biography Edit. Rusty is a very famous fictional character created by Ruskin bond. Ax-Crazy: A member of Team Rocket openly calls him the most sociopathic, cruel, hate-filled Pokémon they've ever seen. Rusty Cage (born: January 24, 1990. He grew up in Muskegon, in the Fruitport district. Trivia Edit Robert Charles "Rusty" Ryan character in the Ocean's Eleven film remake series; Rusty Borgens character in film "Stuck in Love" Rusty German shepherd in a series of family films; Rusty the Diesel engine on animated series Thomas the Tank Engine; Rusty the Steam Engine character in the musical Starlight Express; Rusty Brown American comic strip by Chris Ware Some minor characters in the book include Steve who is the best friend of Rusty-James, another character is Smokey who is another good friend of Rusty-James, also Biff who wanted He started out as a painter before he tried a different form of art; graffiti. 1 Appearance 2 Personality 3 Trivia 4 Gallery Rusty is all orange with white eyes, a jaw and is strong. Also there is a guy named the Motorcycle Boy who is Rusty’s idol. Rusty Hearts follows the story of the Golden Seal Team and the Specialists, which consists of Frantz, Tude, Angela and Natasha, all of whom are trying to stop the impending doom of Lord Vlad and his conspirators.

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