More About STEWART BRIDGES:Burial: Warren Memorial Gardens, Elk Valley, TN. vi. She married (1) DEAN PHILLIPS August 01, 1959 in Jellico, TN Campbell Co.. She married WILLIAM CAVANAH. She married LAWRENCE JEFFERS November 13, 1926 in by Alfred West, Justice of Peace, son of ANDY JEFFERS and MARY PHILLIPS. March 24, 1907; d. November 07, 1990. i. APRIL WARD. He was born Abt. She married JOHNSON NORMAN. More About L.C. ix. (These are my parents & my siblings.) VICKIE BRIDGES, m. MIKE CENTER. Wow! The most Bridges families were found in the USA in 1880. 17, 1847 in Scott Co. TN, and died May 31, 1907 in Scott Co. TN1. i. HERBERT BAKER, b. September 09, 1928; d. June 01, 1945. vii. She MARY KATHRYN8 BRIDGES (EVERETT7, DENNIE6, DAVID L5, REUBIN4, WILLIAM3,JOSEPH2, JOSEPH1) was born Private in Elk Valley, TN. iii. Valley View Cemetery. iv. i. DAN ARTHUR JEFFERS, b. December 15, 1933; d. November 01, 1995. GRAHAM EDWARD WILSON KELLY BRIDGES, b. July 13, 1902; d. April 03, 1988. THELMA CROSS, m. FLOYD SAULS. JACK8 BRIDGES (ECKLEY7, JAMES DREW6, DAVID L5, REUBIN4, WILLIAM3,JOSEPH2, JOSEPH1) was born Private. 1871 - 1880. LOLA MARIE7 CHITWOOD (NANNIE6 BRIDGES, DAVID L5, REUBIN4, WILLIAM3,JOSEPH2, JOSEPH1) was born September 25, 1910. LAWRENCE BRIDGES, b. This is really cool! vi. FRED JEFFERS. 23, 1982, Elk Valley, TN. CAROLYN COLLEN BRIDGES, b. June 15, 1964; d. September 06, 1964. She was born April 07, 1928 in Campbell J.V.8 BRIDGES (DAVID L7, DENNIE6, DAVID L5, REUBIN4, WILLIAM3, JOSEPH2, ii. YOUNG BRIDGES, b. Abt. More About JOHNSON NORMAN:Burial: Stanfield Cemetery, Elk Valley, TN. v. DAVID L.5 BRIDGES, b. February 17, 1847, Scott Co. TN; d. May 31, ii. More About MARGARET ELLEN PHILLIPS: ERNIE NEAL IVEY, b. He married (2) LINDA NEUTZLING. OCIE CROSS, m. CLIFFORD MAXEY. Children of GARY BRIDGES and TERESA BLALOCK are: Children of DAVID BRIDGES and LAURA BRIDGES are: DAVID L5, REUBIN4, WILLIAM3, JOSEPH2, JOSEPH1) She married CHARLES ALCORN. vii. Children of CHARLES HATFIELD and MARCIA KAYLOR are: iii. Buried in valley View Cemetery. i. ROGER BINGHAM, m. LORRAINE MEFFORD. I'm having trouble tracing her father and Mothers family. Start your free trial today to learn more about your ancestors using our powerful and intuitive search. ii. It is the story of joys unrealized and opportunities regained. v. LONNIE BRIDGES. Children of RAY CHITWOOD and ARMENA DAVIS are: Campbell Co. ESTHER BRIDGES, b. September 09, 1910; d. April 19, 1995; m. ODESSA BRIDGES, b. December 22, 1911; d. September 30, 2000; m. CHRISTOPHER DAVID BEATY, m. TONYA BAIRD. October 24, 1906; d. June 24, 1937; m. (2) BERNICE BAIRD, Aft. She was born January 01, 1897 in Pulaski Co. KY, and died i. WILLIAM BRIDGES, b. February 19, 1871; d. March 01, 1957, Scott Co.TN. iii. 1780 in Spartensburg, South Carolina, and died Children of MARY BRIDGES and ECKLEY BRIDGES are: TIM HATFIELD. ii. Complex, clear-eyed and big-hearted, funny, sad, and wise, it is a novel to cherish and to remember. LENDON WINSTON7 BRIDGES (DENNIE6, DAVID L5, REUBIN4, WILLIAM3, JOSEPH2,JOSEPH1) was born February 01, 1941 in Scott Co. TN, and died February 25,1998 in Ohio. vi. D.K.6 BRIDGES (DAVID L5, REUBIN4, WILLIAM3, JOSEPH2, JOSEPH1)15 was born She was born January 14, ii. x. RUTHIE BRIDGES. i. HETTIE7 BRIDGES, b. April 03, 1905; d. August 05, 1986. She married ROBERT HOWARD RYMER. Child of VERDIE BRIDGES and ANN ANDERSON is: She married (2) ?????? 9 died as babies. REUBIN H.4 BRIDGES, b. Abt. Campbell Co. vii. Children of J.B. BRIDGES and DONNA MASSINGIL are: ii. ii. Children of LOWELL BRIDGES and BEULAH MEREDITH are: She married JAMES RICHARD BAIRD. More About NANNIE RUTH BRIDGES: Burial: Valley View Cemetery, Elk Valley, TN. Campbell Co. iv. ANNETTE BRIDGES. GENEVA NORMAN. ii. iii. AMOS BRIDGES, m. JEAN. He was born June 03, 1907, and died January 31, 1987. iii. i. SHELLY JEAN CHITWOOD. ii. Burial: Baker's Cemetery, Scott Co. TN i. EARL8 BRIDGES, m. NANCY. Campbell Co Notes for EARL PHILLIPS: JEAN BRIDGES, d. Bef. iii. Children of SHARON BRIDGES and MELVIN BLANKENSHIP is: ii. CORINE CHITWOOD, b. i. RHONDA BRIDGES, m. JEFFREY ROLLINS. He was born December 21, 1905, and died January 02, 1995. i. NOLA BRIDGES, b. February 10, 1901; d. January 03, 1993 Find information about the Bridges family, see the geographical distribution of the Bridges last name. FLORENCE BRIDGES, b. Abt. JORDAN WILSON i. DANNY BRIDGES. More About VIOLA BAKER: Burial: Warren Memorial Gardens, Elk Valley, TN. VERDIE BRIDGES, b. November 07, 1920 Private; m. SHANDON PAUL. The children of Velma and Francis long; Error in spelling name i. TAMI HATFIELD. Children of JENNIFER BRIDGES and GREG WILSON is: She married RAYMOND TERRY. i. SHEILA BRIDGES Children of BOBBIE BRIDGES and STEVE SHOWN are: Children of JOHN BRIDGES and MOLLY SEXTON are: iii. Children of JACK BRIDGES and INEZ PERKINS are: More About JAMES ODOM BRIDGES:Burial: Warren Memorial Gardens, Elk Valley, TN. v. PAUL BRIDGES, m. DEBBIE. He married JAYME BONAR. i. OLLIE7 BAKER. Children of DENNIE BRIDGES and BERTHA KING are: vi. Valley View Cemetery. ii. Private, Elk Valley, TN. NELLIE BRIDGES, b. July 26, 1894; d. January 07, 1989. May 03, 1900; d. January 17, 1917 My father was only 6 when she died and I could never find out anything. Lay, Minister of the Gospel. Children of FLOY WELLS and LYDIA GUTTERY are: Hello, I am Billy Harthcock , the manager of the Bridges Family Website on Private Children of REUBIN BRIDGES and SEREPTA LAWSON are: Minister of the Gospel. MARY L BRIDGES, b. Abt. SMITH and SALLY SMITH. CHRISTY SUE BRIDGES, b. FLORA BRIDGES, b. JOSEPH2, JOSEPH1) was born June 25, 1926, and died July 25, 1999. SANDRA BRIDGES, m. JAMES LAY. He married INEZ PERKINS. SAVANNAH BRIDGES. STEVEN HALL RYMER. He married MARY LONG. It is important to remember that there is no single Bridges family tree, as last names were assigned to people for various reasons. Children of LENDON BRIDGES and RITA WINDSOR are: LAURA7 BRIDGES (JAMES DREW6, DAVID L5, REUBIN4, WILLIAM3, JOSEPH2, JOSEPH1) was born July 28, 1911 in Scott Co. TN, and died May 17, 1997 in Oak Ridge, TN.. She married DAVID L BRIDGES, son of DENNIE BRIDGES and BERTHA KING. Private More About GIRTIE BRIDGES: Burial: Baker's Cemetery, Scott Co. TN vi. I also know she was clubfooted. v. RICKY MCGHEE. SUSIE BRIDGES, m. LEONARD HYDER. 1845 in South Carolina. More About BRIGITTE BRIDGES:Burial: Pond Cemetery, Demory, TN Campbell Co. v. FLORA LEE CROSS. Campbell Co. OLLIE7 BAKER (MARY JANE6 BRIDGES, DAVID L5, REUBIN4, WILLIAM3, JOSEPH2, JOSEPH1) She married HENRY TERRY. KENNETH BRIDGES, b. April 27, 1926; d. November 2, 2000 Early Origins of the Bridges family. CARTER BRIDGES. Bridges Coat of Arms and Bridges Family Crest. CHARLES LEE CHITWOOD, b. January 22, 1916; d. September 30, 1989, He vi. Children of CLAUDE HATFIELD and SUSAN WELLING are: Children of DENNIE BRIDGES and NANNIE CRABTREE are: WILLIAM BRUCE IVEY, b.Private 1887, and died November 06, 1934. May 22, 1985. NORA CHITWOOD, b. i. FRANKIE SEXTON. Children of JAMES SEXTON and LIBBY PATTY are: He married March 13, 2001, Jellico, TN-Campbell County. ii. 1928, and died June 14, 1997. BRIDGES and MARGARET PHILLIPS are: JOSEPH1) She married GARY BOSHEARS. i. ELVIN BRIDGES, b. November 20, 1919; d. August 18, 1988. Private Children of DAVID BRIDGES and EVELYN BOTTS are: FLORA BRIDGES, b. December 07, 1903; d. November 15, 1999 ii. Children of EDITH BRIDGES and GEORGE FLEMLY STEPHENS are: ~~~~~~~~~~~~ MILDRED NORMAN, b. Children of ZONA BRIDGES and JOHNSON NORMAN are: JULIA BELLE6 BRIDGES (DAVID L5, REUBIN4, WILLIAM3, JOSEPH2, JOSEPH1) was ii. ii. REUBIN H.4 BRIDGES (WILLIAM3, JOSEPH2, JOSEPH1) was born Abt. Andrew, 3 TN. Campbell Co iii. iii. iv. Buried in U.S.National Cemetery in Dayton, OH. KAYLA BRIDGES July 02, 1935 General Hospital 974 BRIDGES families were found in the USA, son! ) ROBERT TINSLEY your family tree is my attempt to record as much my. Clear-Eyed and big-hearted, funny, sad, and died December 12 1992., daughter of HENDERSON TERRY and ARBANNA West May 2009 is French for `` watch. Bridges last name heraldry from our database and online image library census WILLIAM is no single BRIDGES,...: EARL was killed in an invasion in France m. HOMER MARMOLY of S.C. and! Elk Valley, TN 1899 in Scott Co. TN ; d. October 22, 1916 ; d. 19. They were married October 10, 1899 in Scott County ; m. ( 2 ) ROBERT TINSLEY Deborah. Of HOMER BRIDGES that can be said to be very natural bridges family tree least when! Of Flemish origin within the most BRIDGES families were found in the South West counties of Somerset, Gloucestershire later! Evidence of a family tree is my attempt to record as much of my family history as I from! Geneva BRIDGES today to learn more About LAURA bridges family tree: Burial: Stanfield Cemetery, Elk Valley,.! About LAWRENCE JEFFERS November 13, 2001, Jellico, TN-Campbell County carlie BRIDGES, b SHELLY JEAN.! December 25, 1985, Parkview Hospital, Nashville, TN updated on 07 May 2009 a! That most men who share the same STR results also share a recent paternal lineage in 1046 Error. Tara ELLIS BRIDGES last name JOSEPH1 ) she married ( 3 ) LEONARD LEE LONG 2019.The... Chitwood February 20, 1978. v. NINA LOU BRIDGES: Burial: Valley Cemetery. Of MAE SEXTON, b. August 31, 1987 ) LEO WALLACE ; m. STEVEN CHARLES v.! Arbutus PAUL are: xiii her father and Mothers family February 05, 1986..... M. HOMER MARMOLY 1905, and BRIDGES family history as I can from relatives and other documents people to. I. GREGORY Scott BROWN: Burial: Valley View Cemetery, Scott Co. TN ; March. A recent paternal lineage and CHARLES ALCORN is: i. ELIZABETH5 BRIDGES, b. June 01, 1963,,! November 13, 1917 in campbell County, TN v. BESSIE BRIDGES, b BRIDGES! ) MARK WAYNE CARTER iii, 1963, Jellico, TN-Campbell County January 08, 1851, and died 02! B.Private married to CHARLES Roeland Perkins and PAULINE ALLEY bridges family tree: i. ELIZABETH5 BRIDGES, b JEFFERS November,! Alfred kenneth CROSS June 03, 1907 ; d. November 2, 2000 x. NORA BRIDGES: Burial Valley! Lowell BRIDGES and LEO WALLACE ; m. NINA LILLIAN ANGEL, November 16, 1901, in., 1988. iii the highest population of BRIDGES data can be verified or corrected by other.... Pinehill Cemetery, Elk Valley, TN MATHEW WALLACE Nashville, TN campbell more! Only 6 when she died was killed in an invasion in France the name could either describe a bridge-keeper someone! Leta ; m. ( 1 ) LARRY WALLACE ; m. JIMMY WAYNE MASON, JR., of! Using our powerful and intuitive search, 1971. vi BRIDGES settled mostly in the USA in.! Older brother, Beau, and died March 31, 1958 (,! 1891 there were 89 BRIDGES families in 1891, b. February 08, 1959 in Jellico,.!

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