Using high-grade equipment that is inaccessible to everyday households, the dedicated service specialists will gladly go the extra mile to turn your home or office into something truly special. In some cases whole leaves can become entirely crispy and there may be some minor die-back of branches. Choose a good-sized pot that has a sufficient number of drainage holes to avoid waterlogging of the soil. This is a common problem on Acer palmatum varieties here in the UK- usually, the cause is wind, that is, you've placed the plant in a spot which isn't sheltered enough. If leaves of container-grown plants become scorched, move the pot to a more sheltered position ; Removing affected leaves is usually impractical. We are growers and suppliers of all types of trees, we find what you want. In Britain, one of the popular acer tree variety that can be grown in a pot is Japanese maple. Acer pseudoplatanus Brilliantissimum (Maple) Acer pseudoplatanus Brilliantissimum (Maple) Features. Fantastic Services © 2020. Good luck and do let us know how you get on! A semi-shaded spot in your yard, which is sheltered from high dry winds, is the ideal environment for a healthy and flourishing acer tree. Some types of Acer tree leaves have the tendency to droop when sprouting. Is this normal (I acquired it late last summer) and if not what can I do? Broadleaf, deciduous tree/shrub, slow growing, may reach 12-15 ft (3.6-4.5 m) in 20 years. Do the leaves feel weak and soft? Here’s in our opinion, a good summary and of white-spot diseases related to acer trees and solutions to cure. Dealing with acer leaf scorch. However, the issue may lie in the repotting. First, your Acer is not dying, it's just very unhappy. Emerging leaves in spring are orange-pink and they then mature to shades of deep green, splashed with cream, tan, and pink, the undersides are maroon. Can I do anything? You can also resort to using a temporary windbreak around your potted acer plant during unexpected stormy weather conditions. Sugar maple is prone to a pear thrips infestation. Hello James, This may not be as big an issue. the RHS today and get 12 months for the price of 9. Check to see if the soil is soaking wet and if the roots are brown and mushy. What can I do to solve the problem. But if it resists your pressure, you shouldn’t push it too much! No Items. Hi, I have a rather sad looking Acer! Many thanks in advance, James. Good luck and let us know how you get on! Prevention is always the best course of action, especially when it comes to dealing with acer leaf scorch and other environmental factors that can affect the well-being of your potted maple tree. Already, some of the leaves are looking as if they are burning. Just gently tie the uppermost part of the long branches. Pink young foliage that matures to yellow, then green. Acer pseudoplatanus 'Brilliantissimum' can be prone to reverting back to the true species plain green leaves, and any stems that display this must be … The fungus Rhytisma acerinum overwinters on fallen acer leaves, then infects the new spring foliage. Learn how to pot a Japanese maple, or acer, in a pot, plus what to do if your potted acer is dying. 2-year top-worked pot-grown tree £44.95 In a 12L pot Small size (1.5m-2.5m after 10 years) Out of stock Alert me Potted maple tree problems are often preventable by applying vigilance and the right care: Have you had any experience with growing potted acer trees? They leave behind a sticky residue that can then cause fungal infections. The task is best completed in late summer or early autumn. Enter your postcode to spruce up your garden with Fantastic! Those are best treated after a professional inspection by a specialist, as the solution is always individual and depends on the type and the severity of the condition. It is in a large pot. It hasn't been particularly windy and the tree is in full sun from around midday until 6pm. If you have a smaller Japanese acer, sometimes the branches can get congested towards the centre of the tree. It you feel moisture leave it as it is. Buy Acer pseudoplatanus Brilliantissimum (Japanese Maple) online from Jacksons Nurseries. Because the weather's been so random, that's hopefully the cause of the problems you're seeing, because the other possibility of verticillium wilt is much worse, but time will tell. This might sound like a dumb question, but does your pot have drain holes? Most likely, shade is causing your maple to lose its signature colour. 222879/SC038262, Choose a sheltered spot protected from strong, midday sunshine, Plant in moisture-retentive but well-drained soil, Avoid planting in wet soils or on sites that are prone to drying out, Use a soil-based compost such as John Innes No 2 if planting in, Don’t feed too early or too late in the season (don’t feed between November and March). More. It has received the RHS Award of Garden Merit AGM for its attractive pink foliage in spring and compact size, which makes it a good choice for gardens large and small.. I have had it for a few years but I feel it needs a bigger pot and new soil. I planted it 2 yrs ago and it came on well. The cause is most likely excessive exposure to dry winds, direct sunlight in hot summer or frost in the winter. Mulching around the trunk of your Japanese maple with organic material, such a bark mulch, or with gravel slates will help the soil retain its moisture, especially in hot weather, when you are advised to water the plant a couple of times a day. May 2013 in Problem solving. Windows 10 FAQ. This means that your plant should not be placed under direct sunlight in hot weather. Make sure your acer plant is potted in a container that is double the roots’ size to provide them with sufficient space to develop and this way, avoid stunted growth. A more specific pruning procedure that requires some knowledge and skills is root pruning, that can be done when it’s time to replace the soil or sometimes when you replant the acer tree in a larger container. If you aren't particularly squeamish many of the aphids can be killed by running your forefinger and thumb over leaf and shoot surfaces. A wide range of environmental factors can cause this such as frost, drought including under-watering, waterlogging, drying winds, hot sun and even salt-laden winds in coastal areas. Do they appear to be insect-like, like these guys, or more like some microorganisms/shroom like formations? But the leaves just hang. Description: Acer pseudoplatanus 'Brilliantissimum' is a distinctive small mop-headed, slow growing tree.