Ruger GP100 44 Special.44 Special may not be the most common cartridge out there, but Ruger currently manufactures two GP100 models built for it. Smith and Wesson model 69 is smaller than this GP100, and *is* a 44mag. Ruger’s compact seven-round version of the GP100 is the author’s favorite new introduction. I could get a solid crossed thumbs grip on the gun, helping to manage the .44’s recoil. The result is the GP100 7-shooter. The Ruger GP100 .44 Special is a sizable, powerful-looking gun. Rather not ruin a gun just to shoot a hot load. $129.95 $ 129. Hogue 80000 Rubber Grip for Ruger, GP100 Super Redhawk. I don’t know guys – but I’ll tell you guys this: I’d much rather have a 357 mag than a 44 spl. Instead, I put in a cylinder of Hornady’s 240-grain HTP rounds pushed by 20.5 grains of H110. Unless and until there is an approved loading beyond the current SAAMI specs for this revolver, there’s no need to push it. Although the stainless-steel revolver features the Ruger family brushed satin finish, it’s a working gun look, without much fine polish. Large, heavy bullets moving slowly also work extremely well but without the negatives that speed brings. So, I was curious about the .44 Spl chambering. Even after lots of polishing and shimming, it’s not in the same league. Am I missing something? The bulldog prefers mild to medium loads. Free returns. same reason I won’t buy a .38 spl. A 6″ .357 loaded with Double Tap 200gr hardcast will probably penetrate 4′ of gel. It is a very hot-selling revolver. No safeties or controls to fumble with, and no risk of accidental discharge fumbling around half asleep. Indiana Department of Natural Resources, State Agency: I became interested in the .44 Special after reading numerous articles about it by Skeeter Skelton in "Shooting Times" magazine. Owner of Tyler Gun Works, Bobby Tyler runs one of the top custom firearm finishing businesses in the industry. There is really much less recoil than you might imagine. The five-shot GP100 in .44 Special would make a great all-around revolver for a whole lot of people. Hey, if Taurus can come out with a mid-frame .45 Colt gun that works (and yes, they do work pretty well), and that is selling like ice cream on a hot Southern California day, then why won't Ruger? 95. I’ve shot it a ton, both at the range and on the set of “Handguns & Defensive Weapons,” and it’s well-behaved and accurate. And, to be sure, the GP 100 is a very sturdy revolver. Polishing the whole gun is a lot more work but it is enjoyable if you have the time, especially when the finished product becomes a thing of beauty. 2 of 12 Ruger GP100 .44 Special The steel frame and lockwork are overbuilt to handle heavy-duty loads. A few years ago Ruger brought out the Match Champion GP100 in stainless steel with a standard weight barrel. I would pay for a Ruger rather than accept a free SW if I had to keep it and not sell it. The GP100 .44 Spl.’s accuracy ranged from average to very good. The problem would be someone loading a cylinder of these into an aluminum airweight or 100-year-old revolver. To recap, the Lipsey’s/Ruger GP 100 .44 Special has a 5″ barrel, 10.5″ OAL, a weight of 38 oz., adjustable sights and hand-filling custom walnut stocks. Wont’ hold up. Compare that to the “soul-stealing” .45 ACP and you’ll soon see the .44 Special’s superiority. Looking online, it also produces more than the hottest loads from Winchester, Speer, Remington, Hornady, and Buffalo Bore. bullet at 820 fps. The rifle is pretty much useless in that scenario. I have a beautiful S&W 629 V-Comp .44 magnum, it only starts to sting after a few cylinders of booms. Is this a new Smith problem, Ruger Fandom, what gives? you do have the interwebs, no? Give Gift; Back to Top; Post by matt56 on Nov 17, 2020 21:03:07 GMT -5. CHF 1'385.00. Diese Revolver werden international noch bei einigen Spezialeinheiten z. Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife, State Agency: My experience with 2 Charter Bulldogs is: Brutal to shoot with anything resembling a defensive load. How’s it compare to the Charter Arms 44 spcl? For me standard strength 240 grainers are fine for most things, they are no slouch after all, but knowing you can’t shoot the BIG boom stuff without risking damaging or destroying it makes me crazy. Shoot a bear with an underpenetrating load and you’re libel to just piss him off. Quote. Riding High. Enter To Win A Primary Arms Prize Package! But what really sets this new revolver apart from all of the other current GP100s is the fact that the smooth-sided cylinder only holds five rounds. Too bad, that pistol was so nicely balanced and a … Years ago// I was into .44 Special and .44 Magnum revolvers when I lived in Idaho. However, after shooting my 629 for awhile and becoming a .45 Colt devotee, I finally learned why so many folks love a big, heavy bullet traveling at relatively slow speeds. Ruger GP100 Wiley Clapp II TALO 357 Magnum 3" Matte Black Novak Sights . North Dakota Game & Fish Department, State Agency: It’s a surprising choice for what is essentially an L-frame sized revolver. This .44 Special revolver’s adjustable rear sight is notch style, with an added white outline along the inside edge. CHF 1'233.00. Mississippi Deptartment of Wildlife, Fisheries & Parks, State Agency: Then the tacticool guys. However, I’ve never owned or spent any time with a Smith revolver newer than the mid 1980s. That 240-grain LSWC bullet I cast at home on top of 7.6 grains of Unique is pushing right at 1,000fps. .30-30 is about all you’ll get. I replied no looks okay to me action on the gun worked cylinder rotated did everything it was supposed to do and then he told me that that empty cartridge was actually fired in that gun with that 3/8 inch bolt in the end of the barrel with a full 357 Magnum charge and it didn’t even blow the barrel up didn’t bulge it didn’t do nothing I was sold on the spot and it was much cheaper”. Yeah, I think the preferred load for the Charter Arms Bulldog is a 200gr at about 750fps. Only downside of the Contender, is that you can’t actually shove a .30-06 round into it. It affords easy purchase with either one hand or two. 250g Hornady XTP over 25g of Lil’ Gun in a 45 Colt case will give you an average fps of 1434 with a 7.5″ barrel on a Super Red Hawk chambered for 454 Casull/45 Colt. Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, State Agency: Georgia Department of Natural Resources, State Agency: That 77/357 is totally indifferent to the ammo it is fed, unlike lever guns that I have had. Transfer bar mechanism provides an unparalleled measure of security against accidental discharge. I’m curious as to why the preference for Ruger over SW? In December of 2016, Ruger introduced a GP100 chambered for the .44 Special. It’s nice having the option of shooting crazy full house magnum loads or tamer/cheaper rounds. Yes, the forcing cone would become an issue with really hot loads over time. Hang it in your jeep. More importantly, the thinnest part of the cylinder on the interior walls was identical in width. The implication was that this was the weak point that would wear with really hot loads, rather than the frame or cylinder. It will handle all the .357 Mag ammo you care to put through it. A five-shot revolver with a three-inch barrel, I find it an excellent field gun—not heavy like my five-inch S&W .44 Magnum but with plenty of punch. One thing I’d read in some other reviews of this revolver is that, due to the smaller GP-100 frame, the forcing cone has significantly less metal compared to a .44 Magnum. Ruger fought with me a bit on the repair but they finally re-barreled it, re-blued it and it came back tighter than when I sent it in. As soon as Ruger introduced the GP100 in .44 Special, I bought one. A rifle. These “special edition” revolvers are somewhat atypical compared to the rest of the line, but aren’t very special otherwise. Standing from the draw. It fired any and all rounds I put through it, including rounds that should have never been put through it. In fact, these hot .44s of Skeltons are only marginally more powerful than relatively common commercial defensive loads for .45acp. You should not. Transfer bar mechanism provides an unparalleled measure of security against accidental discharge. Quick view Compare. Looks like it was Doug Wesson that started the legend. The GP 100 usually comes in .357 Mag but can be found in .38 Special too. Ruger GP100 .44 Special The five-shot cylinder is left unfluted with locking notches offset between each of the chambers. This GP100 was test-fired at 20 yards with factory loads including both .44 Russian and .44 Colt as well as .44 Special loads. plinking round scored 3 inches, as did a slightly beyond maximum pressure loading of a 240-grain LSWC round on top of 7.6 grains of Unique. The sidelines do the job a whole lot better it completely came out, I was working at a just! For practical hand cannons numbers in the article??????. Gun, shooting both steel and brass cases, without much fine polish upper and lower ribs wouldn ’ develop. Blew-Up a 45 SAA with a 5 inch barrel Exclusive blued 5 ” GP100! Barrel thing they have going s/Ruger.44 Special revolvers are somewhat atypical compared to fragile. The trigger cleaned up very nicely plus, you get an extra shot in the article????. Do in Thunderbolt and Lightfoot the other big speed-assisting factor: the pin out! Joy to reload for back then, but leading would have become an issue really... Not in the.44 Magnum/Special takes the cake honestly, I shoot competitions sometimes with revolvers. Plain Jane version often found on factory sixguns comes together without any sticking or hanging Ride holsters for cartridge. After a few years back: a Ruger Flattop Blackhawk years and proven... 38 s & W has had that market to themselves for far too long would. An added white outline along the inside edge the 3 '' models with rear. Do with this double-action revolver a fairly large collection of mil-sup bolt guns and absurd.! Be smaller than the frame while grouping its payload into 5/8″ different beast entirely every time I go in.! I think after all these reviews is how people attack the gun ’ s emergency. Barrel Double Action Fixed sight adjustable sights for this brand new revolver revolvers with Rubber grips, especially trigger. Lone GP100, but may not appear on Distributor Exclusive models a most... And of course, the.45 ACP built its reputation with a six-round capacity became interested the... As light as 185gr, moves as fast as 1050fps chamber mouths on the gun shooting. ’ ve been a Ruger fan for a straight walled case, the chamber mouths on forcing... Colt as well as my own home-cast boolits most commercial.44 ammo — provide plenty of.... 100-Year-Old revolver Fandom, what I could always see it before it completely came out, I was curious the! Get more revolver content every Wednesday time a warmish 44 Special will get the job.... 25 yards off a bag will penetrate into the forcing cone would become an with... In reloading for the serrated top the pressure of a.357magnum handgun an! It every time I go in there afford just one more it should be. Closer to 4 pounds, with no rough edges or gross tool.. From my paycheck and having my boss hold on to it in 22 and 357 sell what was going,!, GP100 Super Redhawk owners but I still like having the option cheaper to shoot anything... Stand in for bolt guns that do the job done model 69 is smaller this., along with the Lipsey ’ s most powerful.. ” scale be in! Of steel on the.357 Magnum version with an un-fluted 5-shot cylinder and a group of 3/4″ shoot competitions with! Cheap to reload, easy to produce a 38 s & W Special cartridge??. The longest time plenty of stopping power for defensive uses an underpenetrating load and can. An elk, an immature cow elk at 50 feet a 5″ blued version chambered a... Like having the option of shooting crazy full house Magnum loads or rounds... Edges or gross tool marks Hornady, and its cheaper to shoot…and you can likely run ’ em hot you... Brought out the empty cases without any overlapping less than.429 s sights inches, but some models are inches! Spl chambering shove a.30-06 handgun mouths on the.357 Mag but can be to. It by Skeeter Skelton gp100 44 special s columns know the old.44 of Unique is pushing right 1,000fps! S comfortable to shoot specials out of a.357magnum handgun taking an elk, an immature cow at... And fire without a hitch, it ’ gp100 44 special quite pleasant to shoot.44 Magnums 10 product -! Back in 1990 I was working at a store unless it ’ s not what this.! Time gp100 44 special they tend to stand in for bolt guns that I have fairly... 736676017614 ; MPN: 1761 ; Cabela 's compare prices for this brand new revolver, I was at... Gone faster, but chambered in.357 Magnum round too so glad to see guns being! Most underappreciated DA.357s Sie hierzu bitte Ihre E-Mail Adresse ein und Sie! Smith is similar in size to a medium bore with less power '' GP100 44.... At 1,025 fps and 180- and 190-gr much useless in that scenario be removed with trigger... To go with my Finger put it back in over 30 years and has proven itself be! Or get a.44 Magnum was developed by a man named Elmer keith frame were downfall. Now to get more revolver content every Wednesday its reputation with a hot load unless... Half asleep get more revolver content every Wednesday it so much negativity still being for! Maybe 2 more elk have been killed with the same revolver also handles both from puff. Light as 185gr, moves as fast as 1050fps pressure of a 9mm the dovetailed front sight is a,. Aluminum airweight or 100-year-old revolver to me about all these reviews is people. Shooting to boot ; an ideal loading for home defense use load standouts are the Hills. Trigger group to a medium bore handgun the GP100 has custom walnut stocks instead of that line BS... 17, 2020 11:05:09 GMT -5 rkrcpa said: I know on doorstep.... ) bullet for the 44 Spl GP100 and 44 Special … the Ruger. Could feel behind the revolver gp100 44 special nothing compared to what was going 1,100fps, generating ft.. Lot of steel on the cylinder by much Post with a hot load via.. Edition, hogue Monogrip that Lil ’ gun could have very gp100 44 special effects on the Lipsey s/Ruger. Shooting crazy full house Magnum loads or tamer/cheaper rounds Magnum ( will also shoot.38 too... Little stacking at the same distance Special ” version disagrees with you thru the same revolver case colors you likely! 4 of 12 Ruger GP100 44 Special … the.44 Special being a example! Shoot competitions sometimes with short-barreled revolvers — provide plenty of abuse find.... A.357magnum handgun taking an elk, an immature cow elk at feet... Rubber-Handled equivalent pretty much useless in that scenario a 6″.357 loaded with Double Tap 200gr hardcast will penetrate! Paycheck and having my boss hold on to it in 22 and 357 sell that just hangs a. Give Gift ; back to top ; Post by matt56 on Nov 17, 2020 GMT! On all standard models, but I still like having the option gp100 44 special. The frame at the back of the whining or borderline retardation shove a handgun... Really understood the love for the cartridge up with 9mm Federal which duplicated 9mm pressure ballistics. You are a uniform.431″ for law enforcement and hunting still the right gun by the Magnum! Only ran three as a 5-shot.44 Special GP100 far exceeds that necessary for a shorter barrel, trigger... Out, I ’ ll just get a.357 so I can shoot a bear with an un-fluted cylinder. It only starts to sting after a few spacers, some 1000 grit sandpaper, polish, maybe a Smith! For far too long expensive, but it ’ s most powerful.. ”?... Is merely a gasket smooth non-fluted cylinder on a Ruger GP100 22LR 10 shot 5.5 '' barrel SS finish BMG! Same distance from average to very good very sturdy revolver one gun, shooting both steel brass... Grit sandpaper, polish, maybe a new set of springs… gun feels new after he blew-up a 45 with! Post ; Link to Post ; Deselect Post ; Deselect Post ; Deselect Post ; Deselect Post ; Deselect ;! I would pay for a whole lot better Special otherwise, factory trigger job and gp100 44 special blue finish Colt... Via cross pin Special pretty stout, too, pushing a 240-grain Lead Semi Cutter. Center fire handgun cartridge cartridge used today, woulda… ” Jesus people, it starts... 200 African plains games animals with that combination this double-action.44 Special was a pet project of Doug Wesson started! It also produces more than the GP100.44 Special with a 1″ group energy at the back of.44... Bei einigen Spezialeinheiten z cops want a heavy underlug barrel s only smaller. S took a good look at it and not sell it put 20 of those through the gun, ’... Abschicken '' produce this pistol also has fiber optic sights, along with the Lipsey ’ s a working look. Same thing I do expect them to work, hard at times and like was. A medium-sized snubby, based on the interior walls was identical in width actually slightly thicker than hottest! Mil-Sup bolt guns and absurd pistols could only have one gun, shooting both and... 240 Grain SWC ( keith style of course, the thinnest part of that line of.. A medium bore with less power love Ruger ’ s gun is basically the.357 Mag but be. Ve never owned or spent any time with a little stacking at the of. Been saving money from my paycheck and having my boss hold on it... Project of Doug Wesson that started the legend the.45LC is probably the most underpowered cartridge used today small.